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[Scarlett Peckham] ¹ The Rakess (Society of Sirens, #1) [wwii-related-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¹ Meet The SOCIETY OF SIRENS Three Radical, Libertine Ladies Determined To Weaponize Their Scandalous Reputations To Fight For Justice And The Love They Deserve She S A Rakess On A Quest For Women S Rights Seraphina Arden S Passions Include Equality, Amorous Affairs, And Wild, Wine Soaked Nights To Raise Funds For Her Cause, She S Set To Publish Explosive Memoirs Exposing The Powerful Man Who Ruined Her Her Ideals Are Her Purpose, Her Friends Are Her Family, And Her Paramours Are Forbidden To Linger In The MorningHe S Not Looking For A Summer Lover Adam Anderson Is A Wholesome, Handsome, Widowed Scottish Architect, With Two Young Children, A Business To Protect, And An Aversion To Scandal He Could Never, Ever Afford To Fall For Seraphina But Her Indecent Proposal One Month, No Strings, No Future Proves Too Tempting For A Man Who Strains To Keep His Passions Buried With The Losses Of His PastBut One Night Changes Everything What Began As A Fling Soon Forces Them To Confront Painful Secrets And Yearnings They Thought They D Never Have Again But When Seraphina Discovers Adam S Future Depends On The Man She S About To Destroy, She Must Decide What To Protect Her Desire For Justice, Or Her Heart The Rakess positives are far less than the negatives, leaving me torn on how I feel about the overall read Starting off with the positive, I liked the strong sensual heroine Seraphina who wasn t ashamed to showcased her attraction towards the architect, Adam, who did everything in his power to fight the urge to submit to her wild ways It was a constant and shall I say tiring back and forth between the two throughout the entire novel I say about I was already done and over it, and the repetitiveness allowed the story to draaaaaag on Despite the 380 pages, there were far tedious scenes that could have been cut out to make it a smooth sailing ride I can t even tell you how many times I check the % of the book to see if I was making any progress It seem like I was just stuck and that s something no reader wants to experience.
In spite of the scenes that I found redundant, it wasn t a complete terror to read It was easy to see and feel the connection between Adam and Sera, and despite their social standing, I did quite enjoy how their relationship came to be Moreso, I think the author did a decent job touching sensitive topics such as grieve, death, loss of pregnancy, addiction alcoholism, animal cruelty, kidnapping and false imprisonment The Rakess left me caught between a rock and a hard place, and can easily be a hit or miss for readers.

Female rakes Rakess Isn t the female version of a rake some names that could be viewed in a negative or positive light depending on who you talk to I was looking forward to this because of the beautiful cover and the fact I really enjoy the author s writing style however based on the blurb it s going to be just another one of those very liberal, modern feminist novels with a historical setting backdrop I still want to give this a chance though Maybe.
about radical, libertine ladies the first featuring a female rake who weaponize their scandalous reputations to fight for justice and the love they deserve along the wayYou had me at female rake but my head exploded at the idea of female rakes fighting for justice Oh look head stuff on the carpet.