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Download Epub Format õ Menagerie PDF by ☆ Rachel Vincent I enjoyed this book and would give it 3.
5 stars I would probably read a sequel without rushing to do so The Menagerie of the title is in a world where cryptids are showcased in much the same way as the freak shows of days gone by There was a fantastic array of creatures shapeshifter, a Minotaur, werewolves, mermaids, oracles, ifrits , sirens, succubi, satyr, centaurs and fae It was interesting to see these creatures in this urban fantasy setting None of the creatures are treated well and there is a scene when a female centaur is led past the main character wearing a tatty greying sports bra for exampleWe get some snippets about the larger world largely through information at the start of chapters I definitely like to see if the author gives us details in a sequel about how the relationship between humans and the cryptids became so difficult.
In my opinion, the main character was pretty annoyingbut not enough to stop me reading All in all an enjoyable read.
MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListMY FIRST FAVORITE BOOK OF 2016 Okay, on with the review In this traveling circus there are all of these beautiful cryptid creatures they live in horrible conditions You only have a few that are really dangerous Some stuff went down way back when the government stripped all cryptids of their rights they were under no protection, even the hybrids They were treated so horrible in this place I couldn t hardly stand it I loved almost all of the characters, well the good ones, but my favorites were Delilah, Gallagher, Claudio the werewolf, his daughter Genevieve Eryx the Minotaur So on Delilah s 25th b day, her boyfriend got her tickets to go to see the circus two of their friends came along Delilah was going to go into a crypto veterinary school but she dropped out because the only jobs were performing experiments on them she wanted no part of that While the group were looking at the different creatures, Delilah felt sorry for them when one of the keepers started shocking little Genni so she would come out of the dark, Delilah went off, I mean off She turned into something she took care of that dude BUT, this caused all sorts of problems for her, she was taken into custody, freaked out as she had never done anything like that before, had blood work all kinds of things done her mom finally told them she was an orphan, that s all I m going to say about that Delilah ended up in the filthy cages with the other cryptids since they didn t know what she was Gallagher was the only person nice to her he was her keeper She was supposed to perform for the crowds like all of the other poor creatures No one cared about these creatures but it made me so sad at the things that were done to them They were starved, beaten, raped, you name it There are a couple of the evil people that got their just rewards in such wonderful ways, I could have jumped for joy and my inner Hulk was very happy At some point we find out what Delilah is but I am not telling you, you have to read the book, you have to read the book anyway then we find out someone else is something else too Gus can express my thoughts when finding these two things out See below Delilah set up some things to save all of the creatures for them all to have their freedom I was so proud of her This book is just so good I hope if you haven t read it you will I hope you love it as much as I do, but if you don t, that s okay too Hey, guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that with Menagerie coming out soon Sept 29, 2015 I m seeing lots of reviews and shelving of the book here on GR Unfortunately, lots of people are shelving it as YA, and Menagerie is NOT YA Nor is it romance My publisher classifies it as fantasy commercial fiction.
While Menagerie addresses some very serious issues I tend to return to in my work, it is a very different kind of book than I ve ever written It s not simply one woman s story struggle The scale is much larger than that, and the stakes are both personal and expansive Here s what Publishers Weekly had to say about Menagerie An alternate world where cryptids protohuman hybrids are second class citizens provides the perfect context for this deftly told dark fantasy, which reflects on what makes humans human Oklahoman Delilah Marlow, who was raised as a human, shows a cryptid side that she never knew she had She s stripped of her rights and forced to perform as a sideshow attraction in a traveling carnival whose human handlers often act bestial than their charges Though Delilah resists her enslavement, she learns from Gallagher, her gruffly sympathetic handler, that she has a major role to play in cryptid culture As depicted by Vincent, Delilah is magnificent in her defiance of injustice, and the well wrought background for her world sets the stage for her future adventures in this captivating new fantasy series Oct.
But if monsters could look like humans, and humans could look like monsters, how could anyone ever really be sure that the right people stood on the outside of all those cages This is the first book in the Menagerie Series and this one is a winner It is a dark fantasy.
Deliah Marlow visits a carnival and something happens really bad and she gets arrested She thinks she is human but what happened at the carnival made people believe that she was a monster She is then sold to Metzger who owns the carnival, and circus She is now his property and she has no rights She is padlocked onto a wagon and treated like she is a monster They call them cryptids She is stripped of her worldly possessions, including her own name, as she s forced to perform in town after town She is on display Other displays at this carnival are mermaids, minotaurs, gryphons, werewolves, and kelpies They all are very strange creatures but they all share a bond by being kept in captivity and all are in cages The question is what kind of cryptid is Deliah since she looks so human She turns out to be very special.
I really loved the character development of the characters They were all done so well Deliah never gave up, she fought and tried so hard to get out of captivity She was so stubhorn Ginivieve and her Dad, I felt so sad for My heart really went out for them Gallagher for some reason I disliked in the beginning but near the end I began to like him I thought all of the cryptids were all done so well and they made the story.
This book was so good and it had a different plot and was so different than any book that I have read It was very creative It is a dark and gritty fantasy If you like dark and gritty then I think you will really love this book I can t wait to read book 2 and already have it on hold on Overdrive.
5 5 stars I am very, very happy with this book.

Menagerie is one of those books that completely split my opinion Some things I thought were great, others had me barrowing my face in my hands with frustration But first thing s first The book s concept is unique and intriguing, and I am happy to say that the execution didn t make me think differently The plot is fresh and that, combined with the fact that this novel is devoid of romance, makes Menagerie stand out from other generic books from the genre But if monsters could look like humans, and humans could look like monsters, how could anyone ever really be sure that the right people stood on the outside of all those cagesMenagerie starts out with a bang It is set in a paranormal alternate America in which various supernatural creatures known as cryptids exist These cryptids, although sentient beings and sometimes completely human looking, have no fundamental rights and are killed, mistreated, tortured and imprisoned They are seen as nothing than property Metzger s Menagerie is a travelling carnival which houses such creatures under inhumane conditions Quite creative, don t you think But what really amazed me, was how real and convincing the setting is Rachel Vincent made me believe that this world exists, that any moment I could go to the zoo and look at minotaurs, hear sirens and touch mermaids The idea is both compelling and scary at the same time So we have Delilah Marlow, our protagonist, who is gifted tickets to go see Metzger s Menagerie for her 25th birthday She has never liked the idea of cryptid imprisonment but decides to go anyway When she witnesses the torture of one of the encaged creatures, Delilah s rage is sparked and she loses control, committing an act that has horrific consequences We watch as Delilah s life gets turned upside down, how all her rights are taken and in an instant she becomes less than an animal to society The author did a commendable job depicting Delilah s horrors and evoking the suffocating conditions under which she must now live Delilah s helplessness was palpable and it added a driving force to the entirety of the novel What was I, if I had no name, no friends, no family, no job, no home, no belongings, and no authority over my own body What could I beBesides the solid world building, I also thought the pacing was great Every time I started getting bored something would happen to shake things up There is no info dumping or unnecessary description, only what is needed to understand the story and be pulled into the world.
However, there were also numerous things I disliked about this book The characters First and foremost, I didn t feel attached to any of the characters I felt for Delilah at the beginning despite her being a bit of a hypocrite and seeing her fight to retain some scrap of dignity broke my heart She is very fierce and stubborn and didn t just stand by watching others dehumanize her These aspects of her character made it easy to root for her Break me Like a stick for kindling or like a pony for riding Break me like a date, or like a heart, or like a promise In the end, it wouldn t matter I had no intention of being broken.
As time went on however, Delilah started getting on my nerves There are many moments when talking back and sticking up for yourself is appropriate, but there is also a line where pride becomes stupidity Delilah crossed that line all the time She had no sense of self preservation She s also very much a special snowflake, but I ve come to expect that from this genre.
Then we have Gallagher, who if I m being honest, I didn t like AT ALL He annoyed me to no end I ve been trying to figure out what it was about him I didn t like, but I can t seem to put my finger on it I just found him to be grating and inconsistent and his silly my word is my honour repetition did nothing for me When it comes to the side characters, I think they were done well enough I felt sympathy for the imprisoned cryptids though we aren t told enough about them to truly make me care and the Menagerie workers were appropriately despicable But again, I didn t feel a lot of attachment towards any of them, even poor little Jenny The reveals The other big issue I had is very difficult to explain Basically, I felt that there was a lack of foreshadowing that made the novel less suspenseful and the reveals seem cheap There is this big mystery about how nobody knows what Delilah is Then suddenly, we are told But there was no way for us to guess what she was The reader cannot figure it out by himself because the world was never fully established We know that mythological creatures exist, but we don t know the extent Where are the limits What is real and what is lore Delilah could be anything, and that really took some of the fun out of the mystery It was like the reader was just being served the answer on a silver platter, without having to work for it This wouldn t have been a big deal if it had only happened once, but Rachel Vincent builds the entire story on the basis of these reveals and they just lacked impact view spoiler It was the same thing with the reveal of Gallagher s true identity Yes, there was foreshadowing that he was Fey, the whole I always tell the truth was a giveaway, but how were we supposed to know what type he was And then there is the relationship between Romilly I listened to the audio, is that how her name is spelled and the minotaur Were there any clues or did I miss something Oh, and the fact that one of the sirens had a husband So random hide spoiler Reviewed by Rabid Reads.
I knew precisely two things about this audiobook going in Rachel Vincent wrote it, and she published a blog post stating that Menagerie is not urban fantasy, nor is it romance, nor is it YA And, that was enough to hook me because 1 Vincent can write And 2 I wanted to sample this genre bending story first hand.
I ve read a couple of reviews that have compared it to Anne Bishop s THE OTHERS series, and that s not too far off base, albeit not 100% accurate either It s dark, life after The Reaping made sure of that, and has an alternate universe vibe to it because of the strain between humans and Cryptids Delilah Marlow s tale is particularly poignant because she s free one moment, only to be trapped behind bars the next with fewer rights than a household pet and her injustice unfolds live before our eyes.
A lot of the details were fuzzy, but I have to assume that that was intentional on Vincent s part, not to mention the added bonus of cranking up the intrigue The specifics will most likely come in time however just knowing that there are thousands of varieties of Cryptids to explore, that the grisly specifics of the 1986 catastrophe are forthcoming, and that Team Vengeance is only in its preliminary stage has me riled up for the next installment.
Gabra Zackman was an excellent choice as far as narrators go Her audiobook repertoire is quite broad which most likely came in handy when she concocted all of the voices for the large cast of characters Her tone was appropriate when it came to the less than pleasant aspects of this novel, and her pacing echoed the author s writing well which left little doubt that listeners got to experience the story as Rachel Vincent intended.
To may to, to mah to call Menagerie whatever you like, as long as you read it 4.
While the first half of this book was ROUGH for me I was looking at a 1 star rating for this book, to be honest , I slowly got used to all the disturbing things that went on oh my gosh am I a psychopath That sounded really bad , and started to get into the story itself.
Basically, once you can get past human captivity, torture, forced labor slavery, and some sexual harassment you can enjoy this one Which makes me feel like a psychopath because HOW CAN ONE JUST GET USED TO THAT KIND OF STUFF It shows how well Vincent wrote it I was soooo disturbed , but at the same time, it was off putting and horrifying Review posted on The Eater of books blog Menagerie by Rachel VincentBook One of the Menagerie seriesPublisher MIRA Harlequin Publication Date September 29, 2015Rating 3 starsSource eARC from NetGalley Warning this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers Summary from Goodreads From New York Times bestselling author Rachel Vincent comes a richly imagined, provocative new series set in the dark mythology of the Menagerie When Delilah Marlow visits a famous traveling carnival, Metzger s Menagerie, she is an ordinary woman in a not quite ordinary world But under the macabre circus black top, she discovers a fierce, sharp clawed creature lurking just beneath her human veneer Captured and put on exhibition, Delilah in her black swan burlesque costume is stripped of her worldly possessions, including her own name, as she s forced to perform in town after town But there is breathtaking beauty behind the seamy and grotesque reality of the carnival Gallagher, her handler, is as kind as he is cryptic and strong The other attractions mermaids, minotaurs, gryphons and kelpies are strange, yes, but they share a bond forged by the brutal realities of captivity And as Delilah struggles for her freedom, and for her fellow Menagerie, she ll discover a strength and a purpose she never knew existed Renowned author Rachel Vincent weaves an intoxicating blend of carnival magic and startling humanity in this intricately woven and powerful tale.
What I Liked Super long review coming your way, people No apologies.
If you all were watching my Twitter and Goodreads feeds on Tursday August 18th , you saw my slight meltdown very strong reaction to what I had read so far at that point At only a fourth into the book, I was horrified and disgusted, and very, very disturbed I was on the verge of putting this one down for good and I NEVER stop reading a book I start , putting a note on NetGalley explaining my failure to finish, and move on with my life.
Obviously that wasn t the outcome with this book I went one to read another 50%, and called it a night at 75% I finished up this book on Wednesday at work I ve decided that I absolutely LOVED the second half of the book, but the first half really marred the book overall So, three stars This is my first Rachel Vincent novel adult or YA , and while I didn t completely love it, I m glad I stuck it out and muscled through this one.
Delilah is a seemingly normal woman, with a boring boyfriend and great friends and a loving mom When Delilah, her boyfriend, and two friends go to Metzger s Menagerie, the carnival of beasts, including a Minotaur, sirens, werewolves, etc While there, she sees one of the handlers goading one a werewolf girl, and Delilah reacts By sinking her claws into the handler Claws What claws It turns out, Delilah is one of those creatures, though no one knows what kind She is bought by Metzger s, and she is stripped of all human rights she used to enjoy But Delilah starts to get to know the other attractions of the carnival, and she finds that she wants to help them, despite not being able to help herself Delilah may be imprisoned, bruised, abused, but she discovers something about herself that she never knew, and will stop at nothing to get her freedom back and win the freedom of all the others.
See my notes below on the first half of the book It was ROUGH However, once I got past the things that were disturbing and horrifying human captivity, forced labor slavery, sexual harassment, torture, abuse, etc I started to get into the story I feel like a complete psycho for saying once I got past i.
e horrible things , but at some point around the 50%, I guess I got desensitized No, that s not true At 75%, I was like, okay, things have gotten even disturbing But also really intriguing and slightly hopeful The tone of this book is incredibly dark and hopeless, emphasis on the hopeless part for at least two thirds of the book, maybe three fourths While I absolutely hated seeing Delilah tortured and abused the way she was, I have to say, Vincent did an incredible job of writing this tone and showing the brutality of this particular world I felt just abut as enraged and panicked and filled with despair as Delilah, which shows how well Vincent dug into the character and the story The world building is incredible, though as I keep saying, it is disturbing In this world, humans are afraid of surrogates, human looking monsters They re afraid of monsters and creatures in general Delilah has no rights as whatever she is, not even to her clothes One of the most disturbing scenes was when she had to strip in front of the handlers Male handlers who were looking in than one way not just to see what she is She is always chained, so any handler can do whatever he wants with her You see what I m saying about disturbing I have to hand it to Vincent though, she really wrote this well Disturbing, but the world building is so exquisitely crafted The carnival has all the mystique and appeal, but behind the scenes, it is a hopeless and cruel place.
Again, the world building is spot on Despite the fact that I struggled with how disturbing things were see below , I have to say, the world building was so well done I couldn t have been so disturbed if the author had toned it down, right I really like Delilah, so so much She finds out she isn t human by sinking claws into his head, and then gets arrested, and then stripped, and then sold, and then has to do humiliating things like strip again, eat disgusting meat, live in a teeny tiny cage, hold her bladder for days One handler takes every opportunity he can to abuse her in some way, and my heart broke every time This is why I couldn t keep reading I hated seeing Delilah suffer, her dignity lost, pride on its way The thing is, Delilah kept struggling She kept fighting She never let them break her, though they hurt her over and over Delilah is determined, even if she knows no way to escape.
Her main handler is Gallagher, who was there when she was bought for Metzger s He isn t cruel and abusive, and he goes out of his way to protect her and not to hurt her Of course Delilah suspects the worst how could she not He wants something from her, right Gallagher is actually a decent person When you read this book, stay on his side and cheer him on I lived for the scenes between him and Delilah There is nothing romantic going on yet , no hints, but they seem to know each other without knowing, understand each other on some level I love Gallagher and I love his role in this novel He is critical to this story, don t underestimate him The tone gets a little hopeful as we slowly start to know Gallagher and his mind I can t say too much, but I am happy with the direction of the plot after we finally figure out and about Gallagher and Delilah The two of them are a great pair, and I felt better about the story, knowing that they were on the same side.
The ending is excellent I am pleased with the ending, even if it ended a bit twisted Maybe I really am a psychopath In any case, the ending could have been much worse, so I appreciate that reprieve I don t think my heart could have taken any What I Did Not Like Clearly I liked a lot of things about this book But it took me a looooong time to appreciate those things The world building I HATED it initially This book is disturbing on so many levels I hated seeing Delilah go from average human to less than dirt Suddenly, it doesn t matter if she s naked, or cold, or scared, or has a human appearance, or can speak What matters is that she is a cryptid creature , and once they figure out what she is, they can start breeding her oh, yes This part almost made me sick but not to worry, this isn t a part of the story for Delilah This is introduced with another character There were so many disturbing scenes in this book I wanted to shred Clyde a handler for abusing Delilah She is always chained, and of course, it s really easy to do things to a person who is chained Everyone treats Delilah like filth with the exception of the other cryptids , so they think they can do anything with her This broke my heart, over and over You see why I was disturbed One thing you don t need to worry about is rape, in terms of Delilah Not ruling it out for other characters.
There are mentions of forced breeding and rape, FYI Also violence Hence my adult warning at the beginning of the book It s mostly because of the violence in this book.
Still, like I previously said, Vincent did a great job with making this book so incredibly disturbing But it hurt One of the secondary characters, Genni, is the absolute worst off But if Vincent had made this book lighter on all the torture and abuse and captivity treatment and whatnot, it wouldn t have been as powerful a novel.
One thing that I didn t understand was the newspaper articles and snippets, at the beginning of each perspective chapter by the way, there are many perspectives, all in third person, except s Delilah s, in first person I don t know what they contribute to the story They re about the scare with cryptids and surrogates that occurred years ago, but they don t seem to add to the plot Perhaps foreshadowing Or world building I m not sure I started to skip them after a while So, once you get used to the disturbing stuff, you ll enjoy the story The faster you can stomach it and Vincent has it going for than half the book , the easier the book gets to read It was NOT an easy read, by any means clutches tatters of heart Would I Recommend It You know, despite my rating, it does seem like I enjoyed the book, right I hope I can convince someone to read this one, and not dissuade although, if you can t handle the disturbing stuff I mentioned above, definitely SKIP this book I want you all to know my issues with this book, and while they marred the rating and enjoyment for me, I m glad I picked up this novel Vincent fans will probably like this one how would I know, I ve never read any of her other novels , but anyone who doesn t mind dark, sinister, and disturbing fantasy set in a modern day world will be intrigued and captured by this novel ADULT BOOK, OKAY Rating 3.
5 stars rounded down to 3 stars Definitely on the positive end of 3 stars But I can t give this novel 4 stars, knowing just how much I struggled with it for about half the book, even a little than that It is my first Vincent novel and hopefully the sequel will be my next one Although I am totally scared of the sequel if it s anything as disturbing as this book, I might need therapy this is my first rachel vincent book.
i d heard good things about her, but always from readers who like urban fantasy or that kind of YA fantasy romance that i m just not into this book sounded like a departure from her usual style, and i ve had a lot of luck with sideshow carnival novels this year, so when i saw it listed as a giveaway on the reading room, i figured might as well, and then there was WINNING but i did not expect to love it as much as i did because, yeah it s pretty much urban fantasy, BUT it s urban fantasy with all of the romantic elements removed which, since it s the desultory romancey bits i don t usually dig in urban fantasy, is like getting a box of lucky charms that is ALL MARSHMALLOWS it takes place in an alt version of our world where cryptids and human cryptid hybrids walk among us or, they would walk among us, but because of a few bad apples and some regrettable genocide, any creature even remotely supernatural can be legally hunted down and killed outright, thrown into unregulated facilities for study or punishment, sold to wealthy most dangerous game types to be shot for sport, or put into traveling circuses to terrify and delight a frequently hostile audience.
delilah s living in oklahoma, in a bit of a rut and restless about it, when she receives a well intentioned but clueless birthday present from her dull boyfriend brandon tickets to metzger s Menagerie, where she finds herself an uncomfortable spectator to all manner of caged shifters, oracles, minotaurs, selkies, werewolves, ifrits etc delilah s always been fascinated by cryptids, but in the biological mythological way than the let s put it in a cage and poke at it with a stick way and on this occasion she witnesses such cruelty towards the caged and starved creatures that the injustice causes her to respond with a quite inhuman display of outrage.
which comes as quite a shock to the staff, the caged cryptids, delilah s boyfriend and bestie, and delilah herself, who had no idea she was anything other than human all these 25 years and suddenly the freedom she has enjoyed her entire life, her plans for the future, her relationships and prospects and the very basic comforts of life are no longer rights to which she is entitled now that she is legally a monster, all she has is a 4 x 6 steel cage in the Menagerie, her wits, her simmering anger and her stubborn refusal to submit she s a dangerous combination of a woman with a big mouth, no self defense skills, and no civil rights.
on top of the emotional turmoil of being caged and put in a position where anything can be done to her with impunity, delilah gets to experience further depersonalization because while it s clear she is not quite human, her actual species remains unidentified so it s all mystery and action and creature fantasy and cage rage and alliances and manipulation and it s just a fun and completely addictive book, which sounds odd for a book about a woman imprisoned like a beast, but it s got were cheetahs so ppbblltt i devoured most of it in one huge chunk without even meaning to i d intended to just curl up with it for a little bit but then i became so consumed with the atmosphere and the mystery of what could she beeeee and then it was like when you set those boundaries for yourself like okay, i will have just one bite of pudding but it goes down so smooth, you have another and then another and before you know it there is no pudding for anyone else and you get kicked out of the grocery store.
to me, it was a fantastic combination of an original storyline, a setting that s been delivering for me all year, secondary characters with all sorts of cool powers and traits and a heroine who is reasonably badass and fierce without becoming just a clich of that type of heroineGet her processed, then put her on the row Tomorrow, start breaking her His instructions echoed in my head.
Break me Like a stick for kindling or like a pony for riding Break me like a date, or like a heart, or like a promise In the end, it wouldn t matter I had no intention of being broken.
i definitely appreciate that for the most part vincent resists the temptation to make historical precedent references to slavery or concentration camps and that she tells her own story without relying upon comparisons to real world atrocities to give her situations weight i see the complaints of others, but i personally loved the multiple POVs, because although yeah, yeah the voices sounded very similar, the perspectives themselves were drastically different, determined by how much information the characters had, their individual experiences and backstories, and their actual physical limitations to communicating what they know, which leads to a lot of delicious frustration and was one of my favorite parts along with all of the seeeeeecrets and yeah, there are some implausibilities and things left unexplained, but the major questions have been answered it ends in the perfect spot where someone who doesn t like it enough to pursue it into the second book has enough closure, but where people like me who are going to be ALL OVER that second book have a lot to look forward to.
questions and quibbles and actual spoilers so back off view spoiler her mother s death was way too rushed brandon and shelley abandoned her pretty quickly, right some friends i thought atherton would have been a bigger part of the story after that strong sympathetic openand i assume these are things that will be addressed in the next book, but where is elizabeth and what s that crybaby been up to what is the significance of orphans because that was a weak payoff for such a drawn out puzzle so there had better be to it hide spoiler FromNew York Timesbestselling Author Rachel Vincent Comes A Richly Imagined, Provocative New Series Set In The Dark Mythology Of The Menagerie When Delilah Marlow Visits A Famous Traveling Carnival, Metzger S Menagerie, She Is An Ordinary Woman In A Not Quite Ordinary World But Under The Macabre Circus Big Top, She Discovers A Fierce, Sharp Clawed Creature Lurking Just Beneath Her Human Veneer Captured And Put On Exhibition, Delilah Is Stripped Of Her Worldly Possessions, Including Her Own Name, As She S Forced To Perform In Town After Town But There Is Breathtaking Beauty Behind The Seamy And Grotesque Reality Of The Carnival Gallagher, Her Handler, Is As Kind As He Is Cryptic And Strong The Other Attractions Mermaids, Minotaurs, Gryphons And Kelpies Are Strange, Yes, But They Share A Bond Forged By The Brutal Realities Of Captivity And As Delilah Struggles For Her Freedom, And For Her Fellow Menagerie, She Ll Discover A Strength And A Purpose She Never Knew Existed Renowned Author Rachel Vincent Weaves An Intoxicating Blend Of Carnival Magic And Startling Humanity In This Intricately Woven And Powerful Tale