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[Maureen Joyce Connolly] ì Little Lovely Things [world-of-darkness PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ë This novel is beautifully written and at the same time riveting and heartbreaking Claire and Glen have a wonderful marriage with two beautiful daughters, Lily, who is fifteen months old and Andrea, who is 4 years of age Claire has been studying to be a radiology physician and is almost near graduating and Glen is a teacher at a nearby school All the med students and staff at the hospital must have vaccines, so shortly after getting her shot, Claire seems to be coming down with a cold or just exhaustion from work overload so she tries to dismiss her feelings of unwellness Driving the children to daycare on the way to work, Claire suddenly feels very ill and must pull over at the first gas station that has a restroom Claire barely makes it out of the car and the children are sleeping so she leaves the restroom door propped open so she can watch the car and the girls and then unthinkable will happen and change many lives in just a moment in time.
This book was a standout for me Maureen Joyce Connolly has done a wonderful job in creating a story that was so compelling to read and also beautifully written The characters were very believable and well thought out and I could feel all of their emotions which was very difficult at times I also enjoyed that the writer gave such interesting background information on a few of the characters and their stories were tastefully approached I was so impressed that this was the author s first novel and I look forward to reading , since I can t say enough about what a wonderful writer and story teller Ms Connolly is.
I want to thank Netgally and the publisher for the opportunity of reading this book I highly recommend Little Lovely Things and have given a rating of 5 Emotional stars Claire Rawlings is a busy mom of two She s also a medical resident and finds herself in the throes of an allergic reaction as she s driving her daughters to work with her She wakes up in a gas station bathroom, and her girls are gone The tension mounts as the police have no suspects or any direction to go in, while the hours pass by without Claire s daughters being found Claire s marriage is an unhappy one, so she has little social support to help her in this ordeal A witness comes to light days later but may not be telling the truth Small decisions can have huge impacts on us, and this book definitely gets that point across well We hear from multiple narrators, which adds so much insight into this dilemma and to what life was like for Claire The characters are richly developed and enjoyable, and this book is definitely a fresh take on the missing child plot Overall, Little Lovely Things is an original, well paced, well plotted story, which kept me on the edge of my seat with tension and wonder I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog www.
com A Mother S Chance Decision Leads To A Twist Of Fate That Is Every Parent S Worst NightmareClaire Rawlings, Mother Of Two And Medical Resident, Will Not Let The Troubling Signs Of An Allergic Reaction Prevent Her From Making It In For Rounds But When Claire S Symptoms Overpower Her While She S Driving Into Work, Her Two Children In Tow, She Must Pull Over Moments Later She Wakes Up On The Floor Of A Gas Station Bathroom Her Car, And Her Precious Girls Have VanishedThe Police Have No Leads And The Weight Of Guilt Presses Down On Claire As Each Hour Passes With No Trace Of Her Girls All She Has To Hold On To Are Her Strained Marriage, A Potentially Unreliable Witness Who Emerges Days Later, And The Desperate But Unquenchable Belief That Her Daughters Are Out There Somewhere Little Lovely Things Is The Story Of A Family Shattered By An Unthinkable Tragedy Played Out In Multiple Narrative Voices, The Novel Explores How The Lives Of Those Affected Fatefully Intersect, And Highlights The Potential Catastrophe Of The Small Decisions We Make Every Day 3.
5 Claire Rawlings makes a last minute decision one that just might cost her everything On her way into work with her two daughters safely in the backseat, a rush of nausea overtakes her and she feels as though she may vomit An allergic reaction Whatever the case, she must stop the car NOW Taking the next exit, Claire makes a mad dash into a bathroom behind a local gas station Rushing into the restroom, she passes out When she comes to her car is gone Along with her two beautiful daughters How do you carry on How do you possibly move forward The grief, the unanswered questions, and most of allthe overwhelming guilt.
There s a taste of Native American folklore interspersed throughout from Jay, the one possible witness to the abduction In fact, that was my favorite part of the book and hoped for even from his character.
Maureen Joyce Connolly writes a gripping debut thriller The characters were all well developed, and the story line flowed easily I will definitely be searching out her next release.
A buddy read with Susanne Thank you to NetGalley, Sourcebooks Landmark and Maureen Joyce Connolly for an ARC to read and review.
Claire Rawlings is feeling feverish and worried she might pass out while driving to her medical residency She is forced to pull over at a gas station while her two young daughters sleep in the car In her weakened state, she runs to the bathroom while leaving her girls in the car After passing out, she awakens to find her car and children are missing Claire along with her husband, Glenn, struggle with the hope of seeing their daughters again Their future together dissolves into coping with the heavy guilt which strains their marriage They live with the difficulty of not knowing what happened to their children and do their best to move forward This debut novel by Maureen Joyce Connolly was hard to put down as it moves through the emotions of a mother s worst nightmare Lovely Little Things is a well crafted novel which draws on many points of view to build the story I look forward to books by this author.
A compelling and addictive story that will keep you glued to those pages all night long Maureen Joyce Connelly has crafted a compulsive story Perfectly paced, vividly told, and emotionally charged, this is one remarkable debut A book that will make you think about every Little thing you do, and how it could possibly alter the course of your life.
Claire is the mother of two and a medical intern One day Claire is suffering from what she believes is an allergic reaction, on her way to work with the kids in the car she feels as though she s going to pass out so she pulls over to a gas station Frantic to get to The bathroom she leaves the girls in the car where she believe they are safe However, when she comes back she finds the car and the girls missing One little innocent decision and Claire is living every parents worst nightmare How will Claire s already rocky marriage survive Who took the girls And why And will Claire ever see them again A gut wrenching story taut with tension A book about how Claire and husband Glenn dealt with the aftermath of this tragedy How they tried to puzzle the pieces of their lives back together again The story is told from multiple perspectives giving you a vivid and insightful look at the events as they unfold All the characters were extremely well drawn You could really feel Claire and Glenn s pain seeping through the pages, and you could not help but completely sympathize with them There are several other very colorful quirky characters in this story that I think added that little extra something something to this book There are many missing children stories out there, but this one was a little unique and very cleverly crafted Absolutely recommend A big thank you to Source books for my copy of this book My reviews can also be seen at Stars A parent s worst nightmare.
Claire Rawlings, a medical resident, and mother of two is driving when she suddenly feels very sick She needs to pull over, but her daughters are sleeping in the back seat She finally sees a place to stop She runs inside the bathroom where she gets violently ill then passes out When she wakes up, her car and her little girls are gone.
Moira and her boyfriend, Eamon are heading towards the gas station to wash up Life on the streets hasn t been easy for Moira, but she is thankful that she has Eamon She d be lost without him and his street smarts She just wishes he d hold his temper and keep his promises.
Suddenly a car comes out of nowhere and almost hits Eamon They see the same car at the gas station They watch as a woman runs inside the bathroom They creep up to the car and see a little girl asleep inside Eamon tells Moira to head back to where they are staying, but he won t say why Moira realizes he s probably going to steal the car But what about the child Soon enough, Eamon pulls up next to Moira in the stolen station wagon But when she looks inside she sees the little girl is still there Actually, she sees two little girls.
What happens next will change Moira s life forever It will change Claire and her little girls It will change everyone.
The beginning of this novel was intense and I was pulled in to the story immediately Imagine being sick and needing the bathroom, but you have your two young children in the car with you What do you do This was quite an emotional read that I read it in just a few hours I was anxious to get to the end to see how everything worked out There were a few scenes that really evoked strong feelings in me, and one or two scenes that I had to skip altogether The story has a lot going on and was quite suspenseful, but I thought the ending was a bit abrupt I wanted to know.
Although I had some mixed feelings, overall I thought this was a good debut novel It was very different from other missing children stories.
A heartbreaking, devastating, and unique domestic drama.
I d like to thank Sourcebooks Landmark and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this novel All opinions are my own.
4 stars Learn from flowers always angle towards the sun Claire is a mother of two girls Lily and Andrea and one day she has an allergic reaction However, she decides to ignore this and starts to drive the girls so she can go off to work She feels so ill that she eventually has to pull over and stop at a rest stop She gets out of the car, leaves it running and thinks the girls are perfectly safe However, once she comes back they are gone Vanished Is this a bad dream Claire and her husband start to investigate with local authorities until one day a man name Jay discovers something horrific Unfortunately this doesn t help with any potential leads they have Claire cannot sleep, eat, etc and her marriage is definitely put to the test I think this raises the question of Could you stick together with your partner spouse if the unthinkable has happenedIt s raw, real and emotional.
This was my first book by Maureen Joyce Connolly and I believe this is her debut I loved the emotions that this book brought out in me I am always a little worried with family dramas that the emotions may be a bit sugar coated but I feel the author did a great job of being super honest and real when it came to what the parents, children and other characters in this story were going through respectively.
This book comes out on April 2, 2019 and if you enjoy some family drama and also suspense I would suggest this one Thank you to SuzyApprovedBookTours, Sourcebooks and Maureen Joyce Connolly for my copy of this book

Obfuscation Little Lovely Things is a remarkable debut novel from Maureen Joyce Connolly that is enthralling, enigmatic, heart breaking and full of dark suspense We anxiously encounter the nightmare every parent dreads SOMEONE STOLE MY CHILDREN The story fully engages our emotions and pulls us erratically between hope and despair.
Claire was suffering a dreadful reaction after taking a double vaccine dose, and while driving with her 2 children pulls into a garage where she is violently sick in the toilet and passes out When she awakens, her car with her 2 daughters, Lily and Andrea, are gone The anguish and turmoil experienced by Claire and how she manages alongside her husband is heartfelt and beautifully crafted The undercurrents of guilt and blame are subtly drawn and Maureen explores how their relationship is put under strain with such clever, emotional and concealed forces In her mind, she wonders why he won t blame her for losing the children, because that s what she s doing The development of this emotional torment is superbly written and addressed really well.
Jay is a Native American who has an extrasensory insight about certain events and has been attracted to particular circumstances Somehow he found himself intuitively driving along a deserted track and he finds clues of the children that drags him into the story and a connection with Claire that is ultimately a lifeline for all involved The background and relationship between Moira and Eamon, who kidnapped the children, is also very unique and again the multiple character layers are so wonderfully crafted Both are Irish travellers with a unique outlook and approach to life and it s their disreputable lifestyle that underpins the destructive motivation in this story Moira, in particular, is a multi faceted character and her irrational connection to the girls shapes many of the decisions she makes.
Maureen develops fascinating complex characters and their interactions are wonderfully portrayed and not always obvious This brings about a tense, intriguing and captivating power to the novel where we can experience the different dynamics between the two couples and sympathise, at times, with the criminal elements, and become frustrated with the victims Maureen uses a very descriptive writing style and initially, it is wonderful to appreciate the imaginative ways of describing the settings or reactions between characters, however, after a while, I felt it started to intrude into the flow of telling the story This is a personal point of view as it s a fine line between over describing and maintain the focus of a thriller.
The pace of the story is steady for the majority of the book, and that enables the sense of a bubbling precarious theme that eventually ramps up towards a climactic end While the main story concept is not new, it does, however, introduce unique perspectives, plot elements and characters that I thoroughly enjoyed The psychological elements seem very well researched and were very interesting.
I highly recommend this book and I wish to thank Maureen Joyce Connolly and NetGalley for an ARC version of the book in return for an honest review.
Little Lovely Things is a splendid debut by Ms Connolly, full of suspense and emotions, all compressed in a novel that is not 300 page long Claire Rawlings is a happily married mother of two, with interesting career prospects, when suddenly a tragedy strikes Due to some most unfortunate circumstances, Claire s two little daughters, Lily and Andrea, are kidnapped What happens next is a most heart breaking story of the girls fate and attempts to find them The plot is told through eyes of several characters parents, children, abductors, and a Native American, and it spans over several years I admit it was an unputdownable read for me as each chapter is compelling and charged with emotions The most amazing thing about this novel for me as a reader was the feeling that while reading I actually related to Claire, Jay and the girls, which surprised me as usually my heart does not go to than one character I felt for Claire as a mother during her trauma, I loved Andrea s intelligence and imagination, and I found Jay White, the Native American, a most charming person who brings good spirit to the novel Little Lovely Things is definitely a novel that will stay with me long Special thank you to Maureen Joyce Connolly for the signed copy of this book, together with a lovely charm and card I looking forward to reading of your novels in future, Maureen