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☆ Fifty Percent Vampire ✓ Download by ☆ D.K. Janotta Definitely, an enjoyable book I very much liked the story, and the characters The book was written well, and very entertaining The only thing is, I didn t love how it ended I felt something s where left in the air I would have liked things to be elaborated on Like does Angus ever do anything to her Where does her mother end up living What happens between her, and Mike Do the vampires ever go after her I assume she tells Mike what she is Just a lot of questions I still have.
With that said, the book was still very enjoyable, and I would recommend it Poor Astrid, had such bad luck, and went through so much Most young people wouldn t get through all she did, and still be such a good person She is a very brave young woman It s also hard being different, and not quite fitting into, either world Since she is half human, half vampire She definitely has a lot to worry about than the average teen Yet, she certainly handles herself, very well I vote for a book 2 Even with all the cliche s that were in this about vampires the story was entertaining Here we have a young women Astrid who is half vampire and at a crossroads She lives in Vampville and they want her turned or killed Her mom turned to keep her safe when she was born and now she is trying to protect her Astrid decides to try the human world Never being there before this book is about her time there Although as we watch her adjust we see people being killed where she is all around her Kids who she didn t get along with or one she liked and who treated her nicely.
Suddenly she is the suspect and the police officer investigating and her like each other His past has him protecting her than normal but he sees something in her and knows that something is different about what is going on As they figure out the murders, Astrid is told secrets about her dad and mom She learns some shocking things that really do not paint her mom in a good light Astrid is a interesting character She is naive in some ways and fun in others Watching her in the human world is fun but also sad she is lost in what teenagers do and say and seeing how people treat her is unusual Her cousin is a typical teenager and helps Astrid to a point As teenagers come up missing, her cousin gets a little distant She has found someone and that someone is changing her cousin into a moody girl.
Astrid experiences so many emotions and changes as she adjusts She goes on dates and has disasters there Gains friends and is the one to be bullied She is told she isn t adjusting well while learning a new world Her aunt is wary of her and the family pets are scared of her She doesn t really fit in anywhere but is trying this is the story of her trying to find where she belongs While she is doing this choices are being made for her without her knowing This is done in the way kids are going missing and her mom s strange behavior Also how her stepbrother shows up as well All this plays on Astrid and her world.
As said the cliche s about vampires are seen in here and do dampen the experience for when you begin the book you hope that this would take a different turn The buffy the vampire look at the human world for Astrid wasn t the one expected when mentioned about vampires in media etc I was thinking Vampire Academy, twilight those that were mainstream and recently out there So buffy was a interesting take to have Astrid see what it was like out there I liked how this wasn t about finding the boy and falling in love but about finding where she fit in and trying to find herself.
I liked that Astrid had to make choices and that these choices made her stronger but also hurt her She had to walk away from important moments not because of her choice but choices forced on her and that was hard because to me Astrid was just starting to figure things out with herself when this occurred I liked how Mike was a part of her life but they didn t make this the overwhelming aspect for her He was just beginning to be seen and heard from so as you go on this may build up in the story and that is good because the story concept didn t deviate in this book It stuck with the idea of Astrid being stuck between two worlds and trying to find herself and where she belongs This is the tale of her seeing her way Unfortunately for Astrid this doesn t go smoothly and we see this as well We see secrets revealed, choices made and danger build We see her world in the end thrown for a loop and wonder how she will be able to forgive those who hurt her and be the person she is meant to be.
The characters will evoke some emotion Whether it be loathing like her stepdad brings or disdain like her stepbrother gets there will be some type of emotion Astrid starts out as a one dimensional character but over time she does grow and become As things happen to her she reacts and we see her change and become aware We experience her changes and confusion first hand as she questions herself and who and what she is becoming.
A entertaining story that even with the old vampire cliche s has you enjoying the moments of watching Astrid figure out who she is and find her way in the human world while learning about her parents and their past and what the future may hold for her.
I m the author.
ARC kindly provided by D K Janotta via YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest reviewReviewI absolutely adored the cover It had such beautiful colours and created a very enchanting image The blurb also really intrigued me and I had high hopes and expectations for this novel and couldn t wait to see how it would all go down.
The novel starts off quite well It begins with a smooth and easy introduction into Astrid s vampire world and her dreams to enter the human civilisation The reader gets introduced to multiple characters, all whom hold important places in Astrid s life Already, I was intrigued and compelled to continue reading by this gentle yet demanding curiosity to discover how this most recent vampire themed novel would reveal its story.
It was slightly stereotypical with all the vampiric banaza about holy water and bibles being able to harm or kill vampires was proven to be true for this novel s story I found this upsetting and subpar as it is SUCH an overused idea and greatly in need of diversity I disliked that the story seemed to be so stereotypical and average in terms of plot and creativity, as well as world building.
I disliked the mother as a character Even though she was a good mother and a kind character, she seemed utterly fake to me The way she spoke and the way she acted really annoyed me as it was so unrealistic and justannoying She didn t feel like a solid and real character whose emotions I could feel and whom I sympathised with Her relationship with her daughter was tooweirdI really can t think of a better way to describe it She felt kind of immature.
There was too much teenage angst in this novel, too I mean It literally permeated the whole novel from cover to cover The main character, Astrid, also seemed to act a LOT like an average stereotypical novel girl but it was as if the author had tried to disguise that by make her half vampire A real downer if you ask me.
The main character herself was yet another stereotypical girl with too many supernatural stereotypical problems that may totally have been exaggerated beyond reason She was weak and silly, crying and vulnerable, boring and unoriginal sigh Really, she could have been a little bit better constructed Astrid Sonnschein was basically a cut out character archetype I saw little to no evolvement on her part throughout the whole novel The story was overrated and very predictable I wish I could say about it except that it had the necessary introduction, complication and resolution you would expect and little else The conclusion of the story was veryuncertainin my opinion It would start to wrap things up and close the loose ends but then introduce something new and continue whilst wrapping other problems up It left the ending far to open for my liking and I found this incredibly confusing for one reason this was supposed to be a standalone novel Tension, drama and anticipation were all quite weak I couldn t feel any of the three DESPITE the incredible murder mysteries that made this novel a consuming one to categorise, and the various drama that occurred besides I felt as if the author wasn t able to convey the strong and important emotions from his characters and that, as a result, the novel suffered greatly Fifty Percent Vampire is writing in third person past tense, narrated most often by Astrid herself and she adventures into the unknown Astrid s mother also had chapters told in her perspective for every few of Astrid s, as well as Mike Hanson, a local town cop, and Angus, Astrid s adopted older brother.
The authors writing style was nothing that really stood out in my eyes when compared to the MILLIONS of self and independently published authors out there The writing and phrasing was sometimes stilted and unbelievable in the way the characters spoke I would greatly recommend the author work greatly on his prose as it really drew back from my opinions of the characters and story when I read Grammar was well done, and I didn t see any spelling mistakes though there were a couple of typos Overall, this was a precarious three star.
Congratulations to D K Janotta on publishing his debut novel Rating Plan1 star Strongly did not like the book, writing and plot was bad Idea of the book was against my liking.
2 star Didn t like it, didn t find it interesting or gripping Seemed to drag on to me.
3 star An average book Wasn t bad or good Everything else was well done original idea.
4 star Like a 3 star but has potential to it as a series or the book grew on me as it progressed and certain scenes captured me I Enjoyed it and read it in one sitting.
5 star I LOVED IT I stayed up late until 3 am Author is a genius, characters, plot, idea, development, EVERYTHING was EXCELLENT Nothing else can possibly be said except that its 5 STAR Fifty Percent Vampire by D.
K JanitorsLiving with your mother and stepfather can be difficult at the best of times but it s even worse when they are full vampires and you are a half vampire Add to that and evil, sadistic step brother and your life can be downright miserable This is the life of seventeen year old Astrid Sonnschein, until she convinces her mother and stepfather, George, to let her stay with her mothers human sister and go to school in the human world Life in the human world is ten times better, despite the bullies and the boys that get too hands on Astrid soon finds a group of close friends and is attracted to the towns young police officer, Michael Hanson Life in the human world doesn t seem so bad after all until the other boys she has shown an Interest in and even her enemy get murdered and the police see her as a possible suspect Half of the town agree, even with no evidence to back it up But officer Mike is not so easily convinced and seems to like Astrid as much as she likes him More threats come from the vampire world with the ultimatum, get turned or die, but Astrid is determined to stand up and fight for the human life she so dearly craves The story line was good and the characters, believable and likeable, well some of them, others were horrid and easy to hate.
The ending was a little surprising but good and I think that I would enjoy reading a book two Recommended to young adults and adults alike who love coming of age, supernatural stories.
Astrid is a half vampire who wants to live as a human so she is sent to her mother s sister house to live Jean, Astrid aunt, is extremely religious and nervous about having Astrid under her roof The one rule becomes don t tell anyone that you are a half vampire Although the house cat can definitely sense something is off with Astrid right from the beginning.
I have been a lover of Vampire related books since Twilight so I loved the concept of a half vampire half human right from the start Astrid was lonely in her home of all vampires and desperately needing a friend or someone to talk to since she was half human Astrid was also nervous in her home that she was going to be attacked and turned into a full vampire so she was never relaxed While moving into her aunt s house she stumbles upon a lot of challenges in being a human attending school She has to find a way to eat lunch without actually eating food Also, she has to deal with natural hormones and wanting a boyfriend.
The author does a great job in moving the story along and it is easy to follow Astrid finds herself in some strange predicaments when stuff starts happening in town and she keeps getting linked to them Only one police office, who she also loves, happens to half believe she is not part of the strangeness going on in town The details given with the background along with characters helps to feel like you are being part of the book I can just image what Vampireville looked like.
One thing I didn t particularly care for was the party after exams It made it seem like binge drinking and taking random pills was what everyone did and normal After Astrid wakes up with a headache not much is mentioned about the drinking and drug party She is not really punished for this since afterwards she ran away and it is not really addressed in the book I understand about parties in school, but taking random pills seemed to be like the norm in this school and I felt the topic was brushed over by authority figures, like it shouldn t be I get it is a work of fiction, but then why leave the scene in with so many details I would lean towards this being adult fiction just due to this touchy issue.
I would suggest reading this as a nighttime read It is a quick read that can easily be finished in a few nights It is easy to follow along in the story and also there are breaks that you can stops in your reading and not feel that unease about it.
I received a copy of this book from YA Bound Book Tours for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of this book.
TEENAGE GIRL FLEES THE UNDEAD What Do You Do When You Ve Just Been Told Your Life Ends On Your Eighteenth Birthday And The Person Who Told You Is The Vampire Who Calls Himself Your Stepfather If Your Name S Astrid Sonnschein, You Run Like HellAstrid Escapes To Start A New Life With Her Aunt And Uncle, But Soon Finds Out That Nothing Lasts Forever Living A Lie Proves To Be Than A Challenge, And Astrid Is Soon Tracked Down By The One Person She Hoped Never To See AgainTo Make Things Even Complicated, She Falls For Mike, A Handsome Young Cop Who Has Every Last Girl In Town Under His Spell Will Astrid Be Able To Keep Her Guard Up, Or Will Her New Love Be Her Downfall I received this book from Blue Tom Publications in return for an honest review Fifty Percent Vampire is pitched as a YA Paranormal Romance, and the basic story is indeed just that, but in my opinion this is a novel that could appeal to a far wider readership Astrid Sonnschein is a complex character, unsure of her place in the worlds interestingly, two of them that she inhabits So immediately that tells me this book can be classified as a psychological thriller too Picture the Yin Yang sign there s even a clue about this in the story and then think about the dark side versus light side and emotion versus reason struggles that are playing out in Astrid s mind There s a lot going on here.
It made me laugh that George is the evil stepfather, a role reversal for the usual fairy tale evil stepmother trope, just part of the ironic humour with which the story abounds Angus is maybe the trickster archetype he s certainly the bad boy , and Ophelia consider the clue in her name is as screwed up as anyone could possible get, which is not surprising given what she tells us happened to her In fact, all the characters have problems and dark secrets they need to solve, but I won t go into detail as I want to avoid spoilers This is a novel with hidden depths and deserves reading several times to plumb them all My hat is off to D.
K Janotta for giving us such a fascinating read.
originally posted on my blog Live Laugh Love booksI really loved the cover and synopsis of this book so I couldn t wait to dig in It s a very intriguing storyline that may have it s downsides It s YA.
so expect some young aspects, but it is written pretty well and keeps my interested so that s a plus It may not be super duper amazing, but definitely give it a shot to see what you think I Received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review Didn t blow me away but it wasn t terrible either Might pick up the next one to see what happens next Needs some fleshing out and going over though Was confused at times with the POV jumps Fun read.