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Ä Read ¿ A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin ¹ PROLOGUEHe awoke to the warmth of sunlight on his face At last the day had come He stretched to work out the kinks in his joints and muscles and groaned at the throbbing in his head On his nightstand lay a bottle of Dornish red, which he downed in one long swallow to clear his mind, wine dribbling down his beard and tunic He spied the book at the corner of his room where he had hurled it, and nearly threw the bottle too as the rage resurfaced along with his senses.
The book was called A Dance with Dragons, a book that he had vowed to write a review for to publish on.
com The ending had left him dazed and confused the night before, and he longed to leech the foulness from his blood in the form of a scathing review to warn others of the horrifying tedium that awaited them But firstHis bladder was full to burst, and he propelled himself to the privy to relieve himself of his heavy load A steaming stream shot from his hose like the boiling vomit of a sick dragon far than what he had anticipated He counted five and ten seconds gone by as he continued to shoot and spurt, and when it ended he sighed in satisfaction He shook off the last drops and pulled up his smallclothes, mission accomplished, but what was thisHis tummy rumbled.
A dragon s roar erupted from his hind quarters, a sound that bellowed like the wet cheeks of thunder itself The smell was revolting, and flakes of brown and bubbling slime oozed down his legs like gravy Farts are wind He chuckled, saliva running down his beard and undershirt.
CHAPTER ONEHe opened his refrigerator to check its contents He was hungry, and he was not going to write his review until he was full and sated Much and can be done in a day, and he wasn t about to rush himself.
Within were foods beyond count and description, but he was going to try anyway Two cartons of eggs sat at the top shelf, each carton containing sixteen shells filled with delicious yolk and white On the shelf below there were meats of every kind ham and beef and pork, bacon and roast beef and steak, enough to make his mouth water and his stomach jiggle with hunger winds Yogurts dominated the third shelf of at least three different brands and ten different flavors Orange juice, apple juice, grape juice, juice of every fruit and flavor He would not go thirsty, mayhaps There were also cakes of cheese and chocolate and strawberry short, as well as pies of apple and custard for when he tired of cake Winter may come, but he would not go hungry The bottom shelves were for vegetables, cabbages and carrots, broccoli and lettuce, tomatoes andwhat Neeps What the hell are neeps He shrugged.
He broke his fast on fried neeps and bacon, scooping them up in week old hard bread that he hollowed out and used as a trencher He tipped the delicious soup into his mouth, bits of neep and bacon grease running down his chin and robe When that was done he ate the trencher too, the soggy crumbs clinging to his facial hair He mopped up the excess grease with his beard, saving it for future consumption If there was anything he hated than procrastination, it was wastefulness.
His review was in his mind He yearned to write it, as that was his true purpose and he despised these bothersome distractions But first, he had to travel Surely there was plenty of time Much and can be done in a day, after all Much and.
CHAPTER FIVEThe ship sailed down the river.
In truth, he was not on a ship, nor was he in a river But he had always longed to go sailing, and if he could, he would write about it incessantly and without restraint But as of now, he drove a car, and while there was no river, there was a road, a long strip of gray asphalt that continued on to the vast horizon, leading to his destination, wherever that would be, and oh the Seven only knew when he would get there The cement was cracked and the paint that divided it chipped and faded, mayhaps from age and use The buildings passed by in a vague blur, but he could not pay attention to them now He had to look ahead, or risk getting lost at sea If I look left I am lost.
Like the outstretched hand of a giant, a red light loomed before him, forcing him to stop in his tracks There were three lights in all, red and orange and green They played in sequence, herding the ships about like kings in an ocean court He wanted to push on past that oppressive red god, but he knew to do so would be a one way ticket to the black cells And the jail was dark and full of terrors.
He could not afford to risk that, to be held captive for the tenth time like some onion smuggler He had a review to write, and no time to waste But he would get there, he assured himself He only had to sail drive thrice But first comes the setup, and then he would put his pieces to play.
CHAPTER THIRTY Good morning, sir It s good to see you again Hello, wench He greeted On the counter was an assortment of goods and food products He had enumerated them in excruciating detail the chapter before, but he saw no reason not to do so again Packs of lunchables were stacked like a mountain of prepared meals to lazily break his fasts on on the counter before him Jugs of milk stood next to them, flanked by bags of cookies and crackers in varying brands and flavors And oh R hllord the cheese Sliced cheese, round cheese, white cheese, blue cheese, string cheese and cream cheese New pieces of hardbread were grouped to the side, of which he would use as trenchers when they become old and tough as rocks And That would be thirty six fifty, sir , said the wench What Thirty six fifty I rang them up while you were describing them I like to pretend we re racing I always win though She smiled Ah, I see His eyes squinted at her, as if seeing her for the first time Her hair was the color of straw and flowed past her shoulders and held in a band with a cute lion face LANNISTER so as not to be obtrusive, culminating in a widow s peak at her hairline Her eyes were like brown mm s swimming in puddles of fresh milk She wore a white blouse slashed with yellow with the top two buttons open Her bosom was impressive, and on the left was a nametag Darianne Oh Darianne How have I not noticed you before , he crooned UmI don t know We see eachother everydayyou like to describe your purchases while I Silence Don t speak You have awakened the dragon, and oh how he roars I wish to sit for ten chapters straight and repeat your name Darianne Darianne Darianne And please, call me nuncle Suddenly he shook his head, and his eyes focusing and his gut retracting, as if waking up from a terrible spell No, I must not I have a review to write, and these random romantic dalliances will only waste time But as if succumbing to an invisible force that filled with extreme laziness, his eyes glossed over and his stomach spilled over his belt, and once again he was lost Please, take me through your Myrish swamp CHAPTER 52 88 Go Giants CHAPTER 89It had been a long day, longer than the longest of books, longer than even the longest installments of the most epic of epic sagas There had been many distractions along the way through no fault of mine , many foods to enumerate and much sailing driving to do, and he was contented to immerse himself in all of it But the end had come at last there was no time for those distractions It was time for the climax, and he must needs go with a bang If there was actually anyone waiting, this was the moment they were waiting for.
He sat in his chair, facing the computer screen, ready to write his review The time was twelve and twenty, his cheek still stinging from the slap Darianne had given him, and his fingers flexed and ached to at last express what he felt after reading A Dance with Dragons He glanced at the mirror hanging at his side, and for a fraction of a second he glimpsed the face of a rotund old man with a snowy white beard wearing a newsboy hat and an NFL jersey, who somehow reminded him of a greedy Santa He shook his head He must be weary from lack of writing.
His fingers twitched over the keyboard, eyes glued forward at the screen There was no shirking it now The end would have to come No excuses It was the end of the road The final countdown Duh duh DUHduh, duhduh duhduhDUH The setup was complete, and his characters waited in place, ready to make their moves This was the moment he had spent an entire day and one thousand figurative pages preparing for At last the day had come His beard smelled awful A Dance with Dragons wasHe wrote a word.
B 78% Good NotesPicks up near the end, but having so many viewpoints waters down tension and makes things difficult to remember.
George R R Martin Has Earned International Acclaim For His Monumental Cycle Of Epic Fantasy Now The New York Times Bestselling Author Delivers The Fifth Book In His Spellbinding Landmark Series As Both Familiar Faces And Surprising New Forces Vie For A Foothold In A Fragmented Empire In The Aftermath Of A Colossal Battle, The Future Of The Seven Kingdoms Hangs In The Balance Once Again Beset By Newly Emerging Threats From Every Direction In The East, Daenerys Targaryen, The Last Scion Of House Targaryen, Rules With Her Three Dragons As Queen Of A City Built On Dust And Death But Daenerys Has Three Times Three Thousand Enemies, And Many Have Set Out To Find Her Yet, As They Gather, One Young Man Embarks Upon His Own Quest For The Queen, With An Entirely Different Goal In MindTo The North Lies The Mammoth Wall Of Ice And Stone A Structure Only As Strong As Those Guarding It There, Jon Snow, Th Lord Commander Of The Night S Watch, Will Face His Greatest Challenge Yet For He Has Powerful Foes Not Only Within The Watch But Also Beyond, In The Land Of The Creatures Of IceAnd From All Corners, Bitter Conflicts Soon Reignite, Intimate Betrayals Are Perpetrated, And A Grand Cast Of Outlaws And Priests, Soldiers And Skinchangers, Nobles And Slaves, Will Face Seemingly Insurmountable Obstacles Some Will Fail, Others Will Grow In The Strength Of Darkness But In A Time Of Rising Restlessness, The Tides Of Destiny And Politics Will Lead Inevitably To The Greatest Dance Of All Tyrion Lannister s horse was rubbing him raw as they rode onward, the branches of the trees above them swaying in a branch like way Ravens flew about among them, and clouds of dust hovered like halos around the hooves of their steeds Wiping sweat from his brow, Tyrion spoke to yet another minor character you ve never seen before I hear that the Morvin and the Shornpel clans have sided with Darvus Farier from the great city of Bee Eff Eee, and are pushing forward late king Baratheon s bastard s scullery maid s uncle s melanoma as the true heir to the throne The minor character chortled as he spooned up some of the newt egg soup It had been spiced with cloves and the lightest touch of pepper, and leaves of cilantro floated like corpses upon its surface Eating a side of braised elk spleen and a hunk of bread with a cheese sauce, the minor character said, If so, even of the action is likely to shift away from the viewpoint characters, and THEN we ll see whether any of the characters from the first volume even make it to the final book, A Trample of Turtles.
But, Tyrion pondered aloud, eating inch long prawns from a trencher filled with a hot butter sauce, If the Starks send nine hundred of their men from the outer borders of ThatoneplaceImentionedOnce, and they move down toward the Lannister forces on Dragon s Fjord before the Lannister forces can unite with the Great Army of the Unwashed Men, perhaps they can defeat the bunjillion soldiers in the south now being ushered in the general direction of King s Landing by that one other guy I can t remember his name You know, the one The minor character shrugged, tearing a piece from his bread bowl and dipping it into a small puddle of balsamic vinegar You forget about the people beyond the wall, and the dragons in the east, and Bobbert, King Robert s mechanic He now claims to have been conceived with the king s own cum, and thus has a claim to the throne Tyrion scratched his chin That does throw a new light on how convoluted things are becoming They continued riding, their horses traveling gradually More branches passed overhead It felt as if the traveling had gone on indefinitely, and the audience was than capable of empathizing Tyrion munched on fresh radishes and drank a bold red wine from a skin hanging from his belt The wine was rich, with plum flavorings and an oaky aftertaste But, said Tyrion, suggesting another possible set of things that could happen He made reference to an event that happened nine hundred pages ago, but remembered it wrong, then postulated what the possible outcome could be They rode onward Minor Character munched on some pine nuts SUDDENLY, SOMETHING EPIC WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN Chapter 2Eudaknow An Eudongivafuck, minor noble from Shelbyville, rubbed his temple, filled with anxiety at being introduced as a new viewpoint character 9,600 pages into the series How would he live up to the amazing characters who had come before him and died so tragically Perhaps because he had a valid claim to the throne, Having been the barista in King Robert s favorite coffeehouse Yeah, that was the ticket Riding his steed ship across the desert glenn ocean alley, he traveled gradually, wondering when he would arrive Discussing with the others upon the ship, he theorized about possible outcomes of the conflicts in Westeros, all the while eating a succulent pomegranate, red juices running down his chin like he d just been chewing on afterbirth SUDDENLY, SOMETHING AMAZING WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN Chapter 3The titties tittied, jiggling with much breastful bosomliness The oiled girls with Brazilian waxes down below wrestled and licked each other s areolas, but it was only to help you become immersed in a realistic depiction of the ancient world As the breasts bosomed with titful abandon, Tyrion ate shark flank It had been buttered, cooked for twenty minutes at 345 degrees, then drizzled with a lemon sauce and allowed to cool for five minutes The flavor was only mildly fishy, and Tyrion burped, taking another drink of the white zinfandel before digging into the raspberry crepes with a chocolate fondu But still, Measter, you must understand the possibilities of that event rely on Stannis placing all of his trust in the moody lords of the upper northwest They are known for being fickle and not holding to their oaths, and Stannis is likely to try and seize the Port of Skulls Will the king s ninth bastard even survive that battle If so, at what cost to Stannis Plus, what happens if the Lannisters and the Starks team up, and get Batman to join them, and Stannis can only get Iron Man What then Measter laughed at the dwarf That may be, dwarf You might be short and a dwarf, but you have a mind as sharp as a blade But you are very tiny, in case that had escaped anyone s notice Even so, if Stannis enlists Dumbledore, Gandalf and Belgarion, he will be than a match for the team up of Lannister, Batman and Stark Even if they get Rocky Balboa and Wesley Willis on their side Tyrion watched the boobs But what about Joshua Lyman Because he could totally take Dumbledore, and maybe Iron Man Tyrion ate a lamb gyro, thinking back to the exciting thing that happened after the last chapter ended, thinking of it in an ambiguous and incomplete way Since it had been 100 pages since his last chapter, you had entirely forgotten what the exciting thing at the end of the chapter was anyway, so it was not much of a loss Well, he said, Now that all of the titties have jiggled sufficiently, we must needs be back on the road They rode their steeds along a road, hooves raising up halos of dust, the ravens flittering about in the branches and saying what words they had picked up from the conversation Death Dumbledore Titties The half man, who was short and a dwarf, wiped the sweat from his brow.
This is the review I did for the Sunday Express It only appeared in hardcopy so I can t link it.
Since it s a national newspaper and many of the readers may never have read a fantasy book, let alone the first four in the ASOIAF series, the review is less about this book and about the series and the author I hope to make them the gift of a great reading experience My rating for the book is set in the context of the alternative works of fantasy on the shelves rather than in an attempt to rank this volume amongst its predecessors I would say signficantly better than A Feast For Crows less good than the first three, still excellent Sunday Express review By the time you reach the end of George Martin s A Dance with Dragons you will be nearly two million words into A Song of Ice and Fire, a sprawling epic fantasy series that is for many readers the single most defining work in the genre for a generation A Dance with Dragons is itself over four hundred thousand words one thousand printed pages , not that far shy of the whole of The Lord of the Rings or War and Peace not that literary worth is measured on weighing scales.
Martin s series, starting with A Game of Thrones, has been a slow burning phenomenon, dwarfed only by the colossus that is Harry Potter Right now all the volumes are on the top twenty list When A Dance with Dragons was released in hardback last month it immediately became the fastest selling fiction hardback this year in the UK.
It has probably been the most anticipated adult fantasy novel ever published, helped of course by the recent excellent serialisation of the first book by HBO A significant contribution to the anticipation has been the six year wait since the last book, a source of controversy and teeth grinding amongst the readership Internet grumbling about the delay reached such a pitch it prompted Neil Gaiman to blog to fans George Martin is not your bitch Whilst the books may roll out of the printing house on a conveyor belt, the words themselves cannot simply be squeezed out of the author by mounting pressure So, has it been worth the wait There was a five year wait for book four, A Feast for Crows, and many fans felt the novel didn t fulfill the promise of the first three, making the critical success of book five the focus of still intense speculation.
Martin s success stands on the simple fact that he has brought to the fantasy genre the mature skills of realism, characterisation, and observation commonly associated with literary fiction, and married them to a vivid and endless imagination His commercial success derives from the fact that the books are addictively enjoyable You don t need to be a reader of fantasy to enjoy Martin s work Martin writes primarily about people You will have fallen in love with, or at least be fascinated by, his characters long before you see your first dragon By that point you ll believe in the dragon because you believe in the people through whose eyes you see it.
A Dance with Dragons advances the story with purpose and scope than its predecessor, reacquainting us with favourite characters Tyrion, Jon, Dany, and Bran we ve not seen since A Storm of Swords 2000 The story ranges across thousands of miles from icy wastes to dusty desert, expanding the incredible diversity of Martin s world, showing stories on the small scale Arya s training and the grand Daenerys realpolitik And although the 1000 pages meander through many lives and situations, there are hints at the ultimate convergence and conflict of disparate story threads, a slow building sense of momentum, and finally a rising tension and pace that drives us breathless to the edge of several cliffs One quote that stuck with me is A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies The man who never reads lives only one And George Martin offers you a fair portion of those thousand right here.
Turning the final page you can only be disappointed to find it is the last, and you ll immediately want to reach for the next volume And there maybe lies the rub.
Edit and 7 years later it s really starting to rub Here are the books I ve published in between book 5 6 of this serieshttps 4.
com g0oQcKCjkSThough to be fair, GRRM s books are MUCH longer than mine and sell a lot better too Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes.
B 78% Good NotesA mire of minutiae, pointless quarrels in its quiver, with birdshot aim, it s kitten tame, building fights it can t deliver.
Purchased anew, and laid it beside her bed,Conflicting thoughts flying through her head.
Afraid almost to crack the covers, read the pages,What if it was the last book No, More, she rages.
What if it wasn t How long the wait next time Five years Seven Thirteen Unlucky, even in rhyme.
First I must reread all the othersrefresh my brain of Snow and all his Brothers.
Sansa is no smarter than I did recall.
Starks should avoid other Kings Halls.
Weddings never make things merry,The price too high for use of ferry.
Mouse, wolf, frog, fish, crowDragon fire will lay them low.
l I m blown away that someone could write a book so long in which nothing actually happensI wrote a longer review at

Dear George R.
R MartinHello My name is Inigo Montoya You may have killed my favorite character Prepare to die roll in dough as we continue buying your brick sized creationsThe above is what you d expect from a book titled A Dance with Dragons Disclaimer For the vast majority of this book s pages, none of it happens Yes, I have a few problems with this latest installment in GRRM s neverending magnum opus I have high standards for GRRM after ASOIAF 1 3 Hey, I read GRRM before I ever read Tolkien He showed me that it was okay to hold fantasy to high standards, for crying out loudAnd now I am disappointed sadface So allow me to use this review space for the gripe fest A thousand plus pages doorstopper this book can easily serve as a self defense weapon in a dark alley and yet the story advances by a few millimeters at best Nothing gets resolved The characters spend pages and pages going about mundane tasks, participating in endless drawn out conversations, pissing, eating, drinking, pissing, whoring, eating some , pissing again Is it supposed to make the story GRRM s trademark gritty and realistic Seriously, I have not encountered this much information about bodily functions and food outside of nephrology textbooks and Food Network This overload of description of landscapes, clothing, banquets, people, and food makes me snooze FILLER And it makes me wonder whether any editors AT ALL were involved in the creative processGRRM s trademark move is ending everything with anOMG CLIFFHANGERMaybe it stems from his TV writing days the notion that the readers will tune back in, despite nothing really happening in the entire episode, only if the hero is left hanging off the cliff at the end That s what this book felt like to me pages and pages of very little happening, of a narrative stagnation, of endless repetitive conversations And then, with a few chapters left to go BAM POW BOOM view spoiler Dragons are released Jon maybe dies Dany flies Drogon and meets Dothraki Aegon invades Jaime trades one cliffhanger for another hide spoiler Words are wind, says George R R Martin GRRM no less than 13 times in the latest installment of hisA Song of Ice and Fireseries In this incredibly windy tome there was very little advancement of the overall story and no resolution to any of the myriad plot threads Instead, most of the book followed characters travelling, yet in its 1,000 pages only one reaches his destination while the rest are still travelling.
Words are wind, and GRRM is a windbag His predilection for overwriting is ridiculous an editor was desperately needed and sorely missed Had this book been properly edited, we might have been saved 129 appearances of GRRM s new favorite words leal, niello, neeps, nightsoil, serjeant, jape, and nuncle Or spared 151 repetitions of annoying phrases like Where do whores go You know nothing, Jon Snow.
words are windit is knownmuch and little and lessmust needsa man growna woman grown and flowerednipples on a breastplateReek, rhymes with he she name was not wrongGRRM likes to flood the reader with lists Lists of dishes served at every meal, the exact order people entered and left rooms, a list of over 40 heraldic shields that used to hang in the Shieldhall of Castle Black view spoiler Hundreds of knights meant hundreds of shields Hawks and eagles, dragons and griffins, suns and stags, wolves and wyverns, manticores, bulls, trees and flowers, harps, spears, crabs and krakens, red lions and golden lions and chequy lions, owls, lambs, maids and mermen, stallions, stars, buckets and buckles, flayed men and hanged men and burning men, axes, longswords, turtles, unicorns, bears, quills, spiders and snakes and scorpions, and a hundred other heraldic charges had adorned the Shieldhall walls, blazoned in colors than any rainbow ever dreamed of.
hide spoiler