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✓ Sea of Silver Light ✓ Download by Ø Tad Williams Sea of Silver Light is the next book in the series and has our characters finally getting to grips with their opposition and overcoming them D This was hinted at and heavily set up in the previous book with the gang encountering the Other directly for the first as well being scattered to a mountain top D Understandably this gives and sets a number of big challenges for this book and sets you wondering as to what the characters are going to be put through as the book progresses as the size of the book hints at big things which certainly keep popping up D It is very hard throughout to actually guess what is going to happen to the main characters but the broad gist of the plotline can be guessed but how and what characters will make it through the book are always questions that you find yourself asking throughout D Sea of Silver Light is totally unpredictable throughout but the way that the characters and their relationships end up is really great for most of them and Sea of Silver Light has some clever twists at the end both before they manage to leave the network and after which also gets to show us how the characters are up to in the world after their adventures and also adds a lot of light moments such as when they check their bank accounts and find who has survived not to mention the odd sentient life form discovered DSea of Silver Light makes for a awesome part in the series with you really routing for the characters and also wanting to see the comeuppance for certain characters which eventually does come with some great plot twists DThe whole scale of the Otherland reality though forms a great backdrop for many of the plot twists that take place with many of the events set up in the previous books coming to fruition and you will realise as you read how far back some of these things have been set up but there are most certainly plenty of Ahha moments that will have you puzzling over where things will go as well as the books often as they do coming back to the subject of space exploration D One of the humorous things throughout the book though is how the good team without realizing it co opt the Grail Brotherhoods immortality machine essentially without realizing it which lends itself to a lot of humour and also the way certain worlds and other books are liberally used will have you laughing as well which to the characters and the reader comes as a very big relief as at some points the characters are never allowed a moment s break battling various sym worlds so this helps to give some of the characters their just rewards DThe addition throughout of chapter beginnings that show the state of general society at the time also puts things into context for many of the characters and you can see society heading that way if companies had their way oOverall will keep you up page turning as you will really want to find out what happens D Brilliant stuff and highly recommended D This is one of the worst books I have ever read.
Its particularly bad because the series started with such amazing promise the first book is literally brilliant The next two were pretty mediocre well written, but ultimately travelogue fantasy without any plot Characters just stumbled from interesting locale to interesting locale and ended up right back where they started from But this last book is terrible I was literally shouting out loud in the street when I read the climax, it was that bad Deus Ex Machina meets the skillful plot twistings of Independence Day bad I wrote Tad Williams a letter just to tell him it was that bad something I have never done to another author in my long life full of books Less than 60 pages from the end of the multiple thousand page series, he introduces a new character hinted at before of course, but never met who ends up responsible for almost everything that has happened so far A character whose grand plan is the electronic equivalent of avoiding door to door salesmen by throwing yourself in a blender needlessly, since a skin sample would do processing the resulting sludge to decode your DNA, writing your DNA sequence down on paper using ancient aramaic in invisible ink, putting that paper in a bottle, and throwing it in the ocean with the hope that someday someone will find it and reconstruct you Except its less likely to work Exponentially so.
Its so bad that years later, when I went to go write a review for Shadowmarch which is really quite good, just thinking about it made me angry enough to come back and write this.
Popular E Book, Sea of Silver Light Author Tad Williams This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Sea of Silver Light, Essay By Tad Williams Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You No matter how many times I read this or this, fifth time, listen to it on audiobook I still fall so hard for this book, and this series, that it s an emotional pain when I get to the end Not lying I teared up when I knew I was on the last few paragraphs.
Endless adventure, every permutation of it, all in one story, and with four huge installments, there s a proper amount of time to get in some really deep, satisfying character development, which is exactly what happens I feel like I m one of their band, these strange and beloved characters who face Otherland together I feel like I was there, living every crazy moment with them And as hellishly dangerous as it was, I didn t want it to stop.
The best books leave you heartbroken that they re over This is one of those 3 Audiobook from Penguin AudioNarrated by George NewbernLength 37.
75 hoursThe finale to the Otherland series, Sea of Silver Light wraps up the multitude of story lines that began in City of Golden Shadow While the book dragged in places, and some may find that the book and the series, especially in the middle books wanders a bit too much, it is hard not to appreciate Tad Williams amazingly prescient series, especially if you re a fan of a the internet and b classic literature It s probably safe to say that the wandering will not be for everybody, but for those that enjoy the mystery and the references to other works, the series could be a lot of fun.
A series written in the mid late 90 s, the books cover amazing breadth of topics with a wide cast of characters in this world and in a parallel online world What started as a cyberpunk story quickly unfolded into a much larger world with many players with significantly different motivations on all sides of the story With unlikely atypical heroes a South African woman, an African bushman , a blind woman, two teenagers, a mom, and a guy who doesn t know his own past, not to mention a 5 or 6 year old girl, an ancient manthe cast is huge and a sprawling world, it s easy to see why some people are overwhelmed The intriguing part, though, is trying to piece together the entire story, trying to figure out who s involved in the world and for what purposeand what the online world really is I will admit that when the world was pieced together, it seemed pretty out therebut I was so engrossed that I didn t really mind The only part I really did mind was the end the book felt maybe a little too neat, and a little too drawn out at the end That said, it does leave an opening for Williams to return to the world and looking on Goodreads, it seems as if he may have done just that with a short story in Legends II.
It s hard to describe the book and what happened in the series without venturing into spoiler territory Basically, Renie, a young South African woman who is a sort of professor or teacher of computer engineering type classes at a local university, finds one day that her brother is in a coma of sorts, a result of playing an online game Games in the future world that Williams created are played online in a virtual reality simulation type schema, where users have different levels of gear that immerse them fully or to varying degrees into a virtual world Some users go so far as to get neural cannulas, so that they can jack in and have the VR system provide a direct link to their brain, become fully immersed Renie, wanting to try to find out about how her brother came to be in the coma, went online to try to learn what she could of what he got into Unsurprisingly, she found herself sucked into and literally stuck in a virtual world, unable to disconnect sort of like Sword Art Online While there, she meets others who have family members with the same affliction as her brother, and still others who have been recruited by an unknown agent to help Renie and those who are trying to help their children family members In parallel, there is the story of the Grail Brotherhood, a private group of the world s most powerful and wealthiest elite, who wish to achieve immortality, and invest heavily in a system to do so In a third story line, there is additional intrigue about a psychopath who calls himself Dread and seems to seek out ways to torture and kill others, online and in reality His story ends up weaving and in some ways connecting the Grail Brotherhood and those of the people trying to help the children Throughout, there are a multitude of worlds created by various users of the online system, many with literary references such as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and The War of the Worlds or other evolving schema such as a virtual rainforest that actually begins to evolve in the simulation world, similar to how it might have on earth Williams uses cyberpunk, the idea of virtual simulation worlds, and some fantastical elements some characters have special abilities, particularly abnormal special mental powers to weave a tale that leaves the reader picking up puzzle pieces and slowly piecing things together, just as the heroes do in the story.
I m most amazed at how prescient Williams was The book was written in the mid 90 s, yet there are references to things in the world today, innovations that were barest ideas of science fiction in the 90 s The first and most obvious observation is that the VR world, while immersive than anything we really have today, is very much akin to the internet of today, with people spending entire lives and making entire livelihoods on the internet People use tablet like devices to connect to the networks, to make calls, to shop, to go into their simulation worlds much like an iPad or other tablet of today People watch movies on the internet, so called Net Flicks I really wonder if that s how Netflix s name came to be , and an automated robotic floor sweeping robot Roomba, anyone makes an appearance or two Kids have storybook sunglasses which sound a bit like immersive and frankly fun versions of Google Glass Just today, I read an article on Slashdot about body hacking through the vagal nerve, a topic that s actually brought up in the book as a therapy that is abused, oddly enough There are other examples, which reading in 2015, are fun nuggets to pick up along the way It s crazy how forward thinking this book was, how much it got right even for 2015 I think the book is supposed to take place closer to 2050.
I liked this book and really enjoyed the series I think that listening was a fantastic way to experience the book, to be able to lay back and shut my eyes and become immersed in the book as the characters are immersed in their world The narration was as I ve said in my other reviews great, if a little slow But that meant that I could speed the book up slightly in the playback, cutting down some of the listening time.
The book and series may not be for everyone I think it s fair to criticize this book for going on a little too long or for being a little too neat, and it s equally fair to think that Book 1 started slow or that books 2 and 3 wandered a bit they absolutely were middle books in a series, which not everybody enjoys But I still really liked the series I look forward to reading it again in the future, maybe in a few years, to see how much I can pick up in advance, knowing as I do now, how the book ends.
So, why did I read all four of these if I hated the first one so much Well, I got to the end of the first one and was infuriated by how little I knew about what was really going on I already owned the second book when I started reading the first, and it seemed insane not to read it if I already owned it I was hoping they would improve, and I wanted to know how the whole series ended Truly, I wish I had not bothered A shocking waste of time.
An exciting conclusion, I loved it.
Everything falls apart at the close of Mountain of Black Glass Otherland 3 , and now the unlikely heroes of the Otherland system are scattered far and wide in the heart of the dying operating system and beyond Renie, Xabbu, and Fredericks are stuck with unlikely allies in the evil Felix Jongleur and the brain damaged Ricardo Klement But even this tenuous partnership is shattered when the virtual world shatters, and Renie finds herself stranded in an amorphous landscape with the doddering Klement her only companion Martine, Paul Jonas, T4b, and Florimel find themselves back in the already terrifying bug world, made even worse with horrifically human bug mutations on the loose, mutations whose sole desire is to rip them limb from limb Not even the benevolent Kunohara seems to be able to hold off the writhing masses for long In the real world, things are becoming truly scary for little Christabel Her daddy learns of Mr Sellers and now the entire family, plus Sellers, the boy Cho Cho and the lawyer Catur Ramsey, end up on the run together But they can t run forever Meanwhile Dulcie Anwin awakens from her fledgling crush on Johnny Dread into growing unease and fear, even as he begins to show her the romantic attention she has long desired Dread himself revels in both the virtual destruction of the Otherland realms and the terrorization of the Other itself, the effects of which are felt keenly by those still trapped within the system Finally, Long Joseph, Jeremiah, and Del Rey find themselves under siege, the military stronghold under the mountain no longer the sanctuary they d thought it to be It s only a matter of time before Dread s mercenaries break through the base s defenses, and all the three have to defend themselves are a single gun with three bullets and none among them skilled enough to make them count.
This is perhaps the most edgy installment of the Otherland series Everything seems to be falling apart and danger stalks the heroes and the villains at every turn No one is safe, and still the children lie comatose in their hospital beds Will the destruction of the Otherland network spell their doom I love this book and the series that spawned it You ll find no plot holes in this series, everything, even those things that seemed insignificant in the other books, finds a purpose in Otherland 4 I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves sci fi and has the time and patience to tackle such a massive work.
10 10With Sea of Silver Light the magic journey in the Otherland series comes to an end and with Tad Williams having made a wonderful finale in, perhaps, one of his best book to date but also one of my most favorite.
In this book Williams manages to close the series very beautiful as through his complex world building and his, truly, countless characters has made a really strong story with lots of twist and revelations that will change radically the course of the protagonists, and also many, wonderful, moments of action and suspense.
Williams writing on the other hand, even though the astonishing size of the book and the series in general, flows really well and also manages to make you love, not only all the characters but his incredible ideas too.
Highly recommended

Fun fact Did you know that the original title of this book was Tad Williams Kicks You in the Teeth Okay, not really But it felt like it when I read this book I have so many issues with this book, but ultimately it all boils down to this Almost NOTHING in the previous books really matters The amazing computer network is okay, you did see the spoiler tag, right A FREAKING PSYCHIC BABY BRAIN IN A SATELLITE.
Almost everything else the character they ve been chasing, the weird powers they picked up inside the worlds, nanobot wheelchair man none of it really matters Oh, and the coma kids will just get better on their own, or less You ve just spent three thousand plus pages reading about red herrings This book, along with the offensively dreadful Xenocide , rank among the few books I wish I could un read.
Executive Summary This series is a monster, and thankfully after all those hours, it comes to an enjoyable conclusion.
Audio book Yup, George Newbern is still excellent I might have liked this series less in text due to the slow parts, but Mr Newbern really brings the world and it s characters to life in a way that put him up there in the top tier of audiobook narrators for me Full Review This review will be a bit lighter than it probably would have been had I written it a month ago Time sort of got away from me this month and I ve fallen badly behind on my reviews.
Much like other books in this series, I found the plot a bit slow in places, but by the last third things were moving along at such a pace that I hate to stop Thankfully I got to listen to the last 6 or so hours in one sitting.
The world building is once again the star for me However several of the characters have become quite dear to me after so many hours spent with them, especially Xabbu and Fredricks Renie still annoyed me at times, but far less than in previous books So obviously she s grown on me too.
I am sad I ll no longer be wandering through the vast expanse of Otherland with our little troupe of explorers, but I m happy for the time I got to spend with them.
If you re a fan of cyberpunk and epic fantasy, this series to me was just about the perfect blend of those things I felt that things were wrapped up nicely leaving you wanting , but satisfied that there isn t.