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[Jennifer Chiaverini] ä Round Robin (Elm Creek Quilters Novels) [feminist-studies PDF] Read Online ¹ so many books, so little time at least now I can cross some off my to do list The 2nd book in this series depleted my enthusiasm for I had looked forward to it but found it to have too much whining in it, and then miraculous happy ever after endings I envision of the same in the ensueing books in the series.
Round Robin Reunites Readers With The Elm Creek Quilters In This Poignant And Heartwarming Follow Up To The Quilter S Apprentice, Jennifer Chiaverini S Acclaimed Debut Novel She Chose Green And Blue For The Colors Of Elm Creek Manor She Chose Blue For Truth And Green For New Beginnings The Elm Creek Quilters Have Begun A Round Robina Quilt Created By Sewing Concentric Patchwork To A Central Block As It Is Passed Around A Circle Of Friends Led By Sarah McClure, Who Came To Waterford, Pennsylvania, With Her Husband, Matt, A Few Years Ago, The Project Is To Be Their Gift To Their Beloved Fellow Quilter Sylvia Compson But Like The Most Delicate Cross Stitch, Their Lives Are Held Together By The Most Tenuous Threads Of Happinessand They Can UnravelAs Each Woman Confronts A Personal Crisis, A Painful Truth, Or A Life Changing Choice, The Quilt Serves As A Symbol Of The Complex And Enduring Bonds Between Mothers And Daughters, Sisters And Friends In Weaving Together The Harmonious, Disparate Pieces Of Their Crazy Quilt Lives, The Elm Creek Quilters Come To Realize That Friendship Is One Of The Most Precious Gifts We Can Give Each Other, And That Love Can Strengthen Understanding, Lead To New Beginnings, And Illuminate Our Lives Another great book I have fallen in love with these characters.
Not a life changer But a nice easy read Did make me cry but then again, I ve got hormones surging these days.
Not much of a plot just expansion of characters from the first book in the series Also, the editing was terrible with a lot of mixed up character names in the wrong places.
With every book in this series makes me love the series even Best cure to a book hangover is the next book in the series.
2 Round Robin 2000.
This book is the second of the series If you read this series do so in order You can read many of the books as stand alones but Ms Chiaverini reiterates the background theme plot in most of the books This was the series biggest failing as it tended to make the series redundant and occasionally boring I did like the story within a story format as I found this to be unusual These books will not be on my re read book list and I have plans to give up the books I have purchased to my quilt guild This book is an easy read good for summer on the beach watching the kids or curled up under a quilt on a snowy winter day I read it while trapped in a hotel during a snow storm I remember the overall story but I find that the details of the book did not stick with me The time frame of the series occurs from the early 1800s thru the early 2000s exploring a family history in America and I found that interesting I did think that there was a 50 year gap in the history that was totally ignored and should have been explored We learn about Sylvia s the main character family history, childhood, rivalries, young women hood and the argument that broke up the family and cause her to flee her home We pick up her story 50 years later as an old woman looking back on her life and trying to put things to rights but there was 50 years where things must of happened but they are never addressed I found the lack annoying Granted I am reviewing this book almost 20 years after it was originally written and many of the MYTHS in QUILT LORE have been busted Reading those myths now is just annoying So if you want to learn about quilt history consider connecting with the blogs of quilt historians and web pages of QUILT INDEX, Quilt Museums in MI, Nebraska and New England.
Some of the characters in the book tend to be one dimensional they do develop depth as you read the entire series I think part of the problem is the series takes place in the same time frame of the early 2000s soon after Sylvia has returned to her family home Some stories from earlier books are rehashed but from a different character s view point I found this redundancy annoying and boring 1 The Quilter s Apprentice 1999 2 Round Robin 2000 3 The Cross Country Quilters 2001 4 The Runaway Quilt 2002 5 The Quilter s Legacy 2003 6 The Master Quilter 2004 7 The Sugar Camp Quilt 2005 8 The Christmas Quilt 2005 9 Circle of Quilters 2006 10 The Quilter s Homecoming 2007 11 The New Year s Quilt 2007 12 The Winding Ways Quilt 2008 13 The Quilter s Kitchen 2008 14 The Lost Quilter 2009 15 A Quilter s Holiday 2009 16 The Aloha Quilt 2010 17 The Union Quilters 2011 18 The Wedding Quilt 2011 19 Sonoma Rose 2012 The Giving Quilt 2012

This is a series that I really enjoy Although the books are cozy they still tackle some difficult issues regarding mothers and daughters, husbands and wives and families in general This is only the second book in the series but since I have read a few out of order , I already feel like I know some of these women I have a group of friends that I have cross stitched with for about 25 years and the stories from Elm Creek just ring true So, if you like cozies and crafting, I think you would love this wonderful series.
Having enjoyed the first one, I was very disappointed in this one What made the first book so good was how much I liked the characters This time round, all the characters I had liked, other than Sylvia, had turned into horrible characters Lets start with Diane, who doesn t really seem to have much interest in her kids or their interests, and likes to show off in front of the neighbours She likes to judge her friends and tell them what they should be doing based on her standards, which I also found annoying Her dumb feud with Mary Beth was childish, immature and pointless, and took up too much of the book.
Sarah was annoying me I had sympathy with her about why she fell out with her mother but because she won t tell anyone the details, they all take Carol s side and think Sarah is over reacting Jeez Sarah stop being such a dummy and tell your friends what she did Sarah s mother Carol is a dreadful woman who finds fault in everything that Sarah does, right down to the way she cuts carrots She is constantly on at Sarah about having children when it is obvious to anyone with a brain that there is an issue there And of course she tried to bribe Sarah with money not to marry Matt after trying everything else to break them up What a bitch It s actually beyond me why so many reviewers seem to be on Carol s side Matt is a real asshat in this book, moaning at Sarah all the time, not showing any sympathy for her and then telling her that marrying her was the biggest mistake of his life Oh you are such a sweetheart aren t you Then we have Bonnie, who discovers that her husband is having an online affair with another woman and is planning to spend time in a hotel with her So does Bonnie throw him out or stand up to him No, she decides that she must make herself look prettier to stop him cheating Oh that was just the last straw for me with this book Of COURSE it is the woman s fault for getting older and FORCING her poor devoted husband to look for a younger woman That really made me mad I did like how she finally shows him up but the whole women being doormats to men bevaving badly thing does not entertain me.
The cast of monsters, I mean characters, was not entetaining I wish the book had focused a bit on Sylvia s story instead of the very annoying dramas of the others dominating it I ve decided that I don t want to read on with the series based on what I saw here.