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[Kelley Armstrong] Ì Personal Demon [contemporary-romance-clean PDF] Read Online ✓ The Women of the Otherworld series started with a werewolf named Elena, and soon this world expanded to a whole cast of characters including white witch Paige, orphan Savannah, sorcerer and successor to the Cortez Cabal Lucas, psychic Jamie, alpha werewolf Jeremy, and of course Elena s on again off again love and resident werewolf psychopath, Clayton Personal Demon introduced the reader to Hope Adams, half demon and chaos reader Hope has appeared briefly in previous books although I couldn t remember exactly where , and she had her own novella Chaotic, which I read in the Dates From Hell anthology I like Hope, she feeds off chaos and sees flashes of incidents form the past when exposed to the area where they happened It is a pretty cool ability, even though Hope tries to fight it in fear of being demon that human, but I get that.
Hope owes a favour to the Cortez Cabal, still run by Lucas father, and wanting to pay off the debt she agrees to go undercover in a gang in Miami who are apparently planning something big against the Cabal, and they need to be stopped So Hope passes the initiation, is admitted into the fold, and tries to find out what the gang is planning so she can finish this job and return to her normal life But of course, things are not that simple, and soon Hope finds herself captivated by one of the other gang members, the death of another member in quite chaotic circumstances, and members of Lucas family being in the firing line Then you add Karl Marsden to the list of things to worry about Karl has been in a few of the previous additions to the series, and has only recently been admitted into the pack, which is kind of a big deal for him And of course Karl and Hope had a fling a while back, and it didn t work out, and now he has to save her from her current predicament because I don t know He didn t like that Hope was paying off the debt for both of them, he thought what she was doing was stupid, he didn t want her to be hurt, and he generally hates the Cabal Something like that.
Why did I insist on trusting a man everyone warned couldn t be trusted Maybe I did enjoy the chaos of my own suffering, and I was just too deluded to see it.
I kind of hated Karl especially when Hope was talking about the fact that she always had to make breakfast lunch dinner for him, and he gave her small hints that basically said get in the kitchen And I know he may look in his 30 s, but that s doesn t make the fact that he is actually 50 something to be ignored It means he has had 50 years on the earth So it just makes me think why he is chasing a girl in her mid 20 s and just expecting her to follow his every command Despite Hope trying to stand up for herself, in the end it came down to him rescuing her, and Hope kind of just accepting it They frustrated me as a couple and given some of the other relationships in this series Paige and Lucas Elena and Clayton , this seemed forced and like neither of them are really happy with it in the end Personal Demon actually cycled between Hope s point of view and Lucas While Hope s story dominates the first half, Lucas definitely control the second part, which is miles interesting The series is called WOMEN of the Otherworld, so I guess you can t have a book fully from Lucas point of view, but the story as a whole meant so much for him than it did for Hope In the end she ended up being a secondary player in all this Hope became of a passenger, and when everything wrapped up, she got to wash her hands of everything, but Lucas and Paige cannot say the same His parts were a lot captivating, and while Hope was cooling off in a hotel room, drinking coffee and reading the paper, Lucas was trying to manage his father s business, his family s dwindling numbers, and what his future might look like.
I must say I picked out a lot of the twists and I use that term lightly , but they were still enjoyable to read More for the reaction of the characters if anything else I still love how interconnected the world is, and how everyone knows each other and interacts Instead of isolated stories, they are all entwined The first half of the book really seemed to drag, and funny that this centred on Hope, but when Lucas and Paige come into the picture the pace picked up quite a lot The second half saved this book, and while not the strongest in the series, there seem to be some real consequences for the characters and the world in general and it shall be interesting to see what happens from here.
Another gripping book in the wonderful Women of the Underworld Series In this book I felt like the demon actively mopping up all of the chaos It was fantastically surprising I love reading books like this one that are full of powerful and assertive women I also liked the twist where Karl is humanized and I really enjoyed his dynamic with Hope Looking forward to continuing to get lost in this world Tabloid Reporter Hope Adams Appears To Live The Life Of An Ordinary Working Girl But In Addition To Possessing The Beauty Of A Bolly Wood Princess, Hope Has Other Unique Traits For She Is A Half Demon A Human Fathered By A Demon And She S Inherited Not Only A Gift For Seeing The Past But A Hunter For Chaos Along With A Talent For Finding It Wherever She Can Naturally, When She S Chosen By A Very Dangerous Group For A Very Dangerous Mission, She Jumps At The ChanceThe Head Of The Powerful Cortez Cabal A Family That Makes The Mob Look Like Amateurs Has A Little Problem In Miami A Gang Of Wealthy, Bored Offspring Of Supernaturals Is Getting Out Of Hand, And Hope Is Needed To Infiltrated As Spells, Astral Projections, And Pheromones Soar Across South Beach, Hope Weaves Her Way Through Its Elite Hot Spots, Posing As Upscale Eye Candy And Reading The Auras Of The Clientele And Potential Marks I love Karl Marsten Who would have thought Personal Demon was another decent Kelley Armstrong read This book is about Hope Adams, a chaos demon, who we ve met in a short story in Dates from Hell Besides Hope, we also get to read Lucas Cortez POV In the beginning I felt Hope was interesting enough to have her own book, instead of sharing a narrative voice with Lucas But along the way Lucas really added something extra to the story and reading about his struggle with his family turned out to be really interesting, eventhough I hadn t read the books centered about him and Paige The book can be read as a stand alone but reading the other books of the series and the short story in Dates from Hell about Hope and Karl really adds to the excitement The plot was really good, there were a few surprises I hadn t seen coming I loved the romance part although I think it could have dragged on a little bit But that s just me I m a sucker for uncomfortable situations, awkwardness and angst between the lovely couple.
I loved the interaction between Hope and Karl It s nice to see Karl from a different perspective He s always been the cool, suave, distant loner, not to be trusted and always thinking of himself Armstrong was good not to totally change him he still has that selfishness engraved in him for survival but he loves Hope so much that we see cracks in that egocentric shell of his I liked reading Lucas POV, especially around the ending I m really curious as to how things will work out in the Cortez Cabal.
A good read, 4 stars.
Personal Demon is the 8th installment in the amazing Woman of the Otherworld series by Kelly Armstrong Like every other book in this series it kept me entertained and addicited to the very last page.
Personal Demon is narrated in first person by both Hope and Lucas I find with both characters narrating it gives you a better understanding of both worlds in the book and make the twists come together perfect Hope is a half demon with a craving for chaos And Lucas is the youngest and distant son of the leader of the Cortez Cabal narrating I ve read Bitten book 1 in the Woman of the otherworld series a while back and I ve been hooked ever since Not every book follows the same characters but every few books the main characters reoccur so it should be read in order so you can understand the extra characters and relationships.
The depth of character development throughout this story is absolutely amazing and knowing your favorite characters will reappear again in future books makes it even better I really like Hopes character and find her werewolf ex boyfriend James well written and refreshing not to mention, funny and cute Each book is amazing and I now find it hard to choose who I like , Hope or Elena Both are amazing, strong female characters who kick ass and take names Personal Demon was an amazing installment in the Woman of the Otherworld series that is a awesome edition to the supernatural gendre that has plenty of action and romance with amazing twists and surprises If you haven t read this series yet, get started Summary from the book jacket Hope Adams, tabloid journalist and half demon, inherited her Bollywood princess looks from her mother From her demon father, she inherited a hunger for chaos, and a talent for finding it Like full demons, she gets an almost sexual rush from danger in fact, she thrives on it But she is determined to use her gifts for good When the head of the powerful Cortez Cabal asks her to infiltrate a gang of bored, rich, troublemaking supernaturals in Miami, Hope can t resist the excitement But trouble for Hope is intoxicating, and soon she s in way too deep With a killer stalking the mystical hot spots of Miami, Hope finds herself dangerously entangled, and has no choice but to turn to her crooked werewolf ex boyfriend for help What started as a simple investigation has spiralled into chaos And Hope finds chaos irresistibleFor a woman who didn t know what she was getting into, there s only one way out it s time for Hope to unleash her most potent primal instincts and open herself, mind and body, to everything she most fears and desires.
Book 8 in the Women of the Otherworld series and definitely one of the weakest.
Hope Adams originally introduced in the novella Chaotic in Dates From Hell , a tabloid reporter and a half demon who feeds on chaos, is called upon by Benicio Cortez to infiltrate a gang of supernaturals who have been creating some trouble for Cabal in Miami Hope fits in very quickly and soon starts enjoying not only the chaos created by the gang s criminal activities but the company of one gang member The fun stops when Hope s new flame and his friend disappear and all trails lead to the Cortez Cabal What is happening, who are the bad guys, and what do they want Hope will find out with the help of her werewolf ex Karl, sorcerer Lucas and his witch wife Paige.
Like all Kelley Armstrong s Women of the Otherworld books, Personal Demon is entertaining and well paced and yet it just doesn t hit the mark.
More than any other book in the series this story reads like an average mystery and not urban fantasy My favorite books in the series are those that have a lot of supernatural mythology explored Armstrong is great at creating convincing lore Bitten, Haunted, No Humans Involved Personal Demon is pretty thin on the lore Take out Hope and her ability to sense chaos totally useless in the context of the novel , and you have a mediocre whodunit set in a corporate world Hope s character is underutilized She has an interesting background of being a journalist and a socialite, but it is barely explored in the story Pretty much any woman of the Otherworld could have been placed into this novel it would have made no difference.
The romance angle is also underwhelming I remember loving Hope Karl dynamic in Chaotic In this book it just falls flat The nature of Hope s powers makes her faint at any overload of chaos, thus turning her into a damsel in distress and Karl into an overbearing, protective, and possessive grandpa Not sexy Even a few smut scenes didn t change my opinion about this couple More humor and playfulness would have made this book better.
Almost half of the book is narrated from Lucas s POV, not sure why I guess the thinness of Hope s character and her abilities called for some filler Lucas s chapters are OK, although he appears to be a tad depressing upclose Personal Demon is a pretty mediocre addition to the series which I will probably never have a desire to re read, but not so bad as for me to say I didn t enjoy it at all.
This is a hard book to review at times it was great but the story felt disjointed I think having Lucas as a POV threw it off, I get he played a large part of the story and maybe that was the problem It felt like two stories smooshed into one with Hope s part actually less than I expected it to be.
Hope s need for chaos is a bit creepy, I don t envy her that However she is impulsive and pretty uninhibited but not stupid so her story was fun to read.
I thought Karl and Hope were a interesting and sexy couple but like I said they are sharing the story with Lucas and his family drama The mystery was good and I honesty did not solve it until close to the end I also missed the other characters like Jaime, Jeremy, Savannah, and Elena On top of that the ending felt really abrupt view spoiler I m left feeling stressed about Lucas and Paige s future too hide spoiler

This was really good Though I saw the twist I m not sure it was a secret I loved Hope I fell for Jazz I wasn t sure how things would work out with Karl That s the fear with a love triangle but ultimately how I predicted twist For that reason, because the twist felt like a plot device to solve a problem I can t give this 5 stars But I thought this was was far better than the Jamie book that proceeded it I love to know what happens with Lucas and Paige and even Jazz Not happy next book is about Robyn supposed best friend to Hope though she was not mentioned in this book.
WrensReads Review I just want to stop and take a moment to love everything that Kelley Armstrong has written that I have read so far She is the goddess of writing.
So Hope was introduced in the previous book She is a half demon father being Lucifer who takes pleasure in chaotic thoughts and acts She knows when you are about to pull the trigger, and she probably won t stop you because it is just such a high for her.
Anyway, she has a fling with Karl, who was actually introduced in the very first book He is now apart of the American Pack, even though he won t be coming to the cook outs like the rest of them He basically joined so he could have legitimate territory Oh, and he s a jewel thief What s different about this book is that it isn t just told in Hope s perspective like the earlier books, but also in Lucas Cortez s who was introduced in book three The main reason here is because his relationship with his father Benicio Cortez changes a lot in this book I actually think this book is Lucas than Hope s The major plot is this Benicio employs Hope to settle a debt she and Karl have with him He wants her to go undercover with a gang made up of Cabal kids rebelling against their parents basically He wants to make sure they aren t actually going to do anything stupid or hurt anyone or themselves, so he wants her to go undercover.
Obviously things go absolutely nuts A guy Hope has a fling with goes missing, people in the gang start being murdered, Lucas half brothers get really aggressive really quickly it goes bonkers.
I will say that this is not one of my favorite Armstrong books I liked getting to know Karl and I like his relationship with Hope I think really I just miss some of the old characters It is written just as well and you can tell she put just as much work into it I tip my hat to you Kelley Armstrong, and the fact you always leave me wanting to read I ll be so sad when I read the last book in this series.
WrensReads Goodreads Twitter Instagram Here we have the eighth novel in the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong This time the main character being Hope and set in Miami Lucas and Paige feature huge amounts in this one too Hope is a half demon that feeds off chaos and I am pleased that we get a new type of supernatural to learn and divulge in For me this is the second time I have met Hope, the first being in the previous novel where she dips in and out Early on I got the sense that I was missing something, that being a back story that was being referenced to frequently I am guessing there is a novella on Hope I have not read it but I would recommend to read this first It did not effect my enjoyment of the story but sometimes it is satisfying to truly capture the character as they are first introduced I really liked this one The story flowed in extraordinary ways There are lots characters and a lot of chaos obviously but I lapped it up There was so much action and adventure, double crossings, killings, manipulating, you name it, it was in here Can I also mention there is not one love interest but two Two handsome men to fill your minds with But of course my love for Paige and Lucas did also help my enjoyment of this, I just adore there relationship The growth of Hope throughout the novel was marvellous, Kelley really captured that teen trying to find their way through life feeling but translated it into a supernatural trying to learn to cope and deal with who they were Us not being supernaturals it is hard to relate to some fantasy characters but Kelley does a remarkable job of this I really did connect with Hope and felt her emotions which to me is a good story I highly recommend this book, there is a lot that may shock you I literally could not predict the outcome and usually I am pretty good at seeing what lies ahead If you are making your way through the series you shouldn t need much persuading to read this one I cannot wait to see who and what we get next