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I know I m an exasperated teenager when I write like this, but this book was agony to read It had potential at the beginning where the interracial couple would have a blossoming relationship It s not like that though, folks It s also confusing as hell because the black woman in the story ends up reading a book within this book because her job as a librarian is to give reviews The man in the story had a sympathetic tale about losing his wife to a car accident, but it isn t enough to save this god awful story.
I m starting to sound like a negative Nellie but damn this book sucks I don t know where to start The characters weren t too memorable nor dynamic, and I have no idea how these the two main characters ended up the way they did because I didn t get too much chemistry from them From their backgrounds it wouldn t seem as if they would ever consider one another Not because of race but because they just seemed too weird for each other There were other characters introduced that had nothing to do with anything, why introduce them if they don t have anything to contribute to with the story Additionally, It was really annoying to read a book within a book, and I don t need to hear the main characters commentary on it, it s was just page filler and was unnecessary those pages could have been used to develop the characters a little I know this is fiction but the time frame that everything happened was really short and the whole scenario was unbelievable and the writing was crap I know I shouldn t have expected too much but I was hoping for a good one I read this whole book all the way through hoping it would get betterbut no, literary FAIL J.
J you disappointed me on this one.
This book had so many things wrong with it, I m not certain where to begin Talk about recycling plot ideas many of the tropes he uses in I m Your Girl have showed up in his previous books the tragedy stricken white male writer him who may have once been a teacher him again the educated if somewhat naive and opinionated sister girl his wife I certainly hope not the evil mother who is supposedly looking out for her baby s best interests it didn t work for me in Renee and Jay, and it certainly doesn t work in this book A part of me wonders if it truly is the fault of the editors publishers who are looking to sell to this demographic by literally dumbing it down and instead of giving us characters whom we can relate to on some level, turn them into so called hip stereotypes Or maybe, Murray just isn t that great at writing I R s period He wouldn t be the first The book isn t super fast paced, and I wouldn t have mind that if it had better written I also didn t care about the lack of sex scenes though I m partial to them, especially in BW WM IR s However, the first two hundred pages reminded me of a train wreck It s ghastly, bloody and apt to give one nightmares, but I couldn t stop turning the pages, hoping that something would save this book from the it sucks category Diane Denise Anderson another black woman, like Renee, I just couldn t be friends with She was like this poster child for neurotic black women This is a twenty five year old woman who could have had a dating life but because she s so sheltered has allowed her happily married for decades mother decide who she should shouldn t be with This is a woman who s mother was shamed because she danced with a white boy way back in junior high but has no problems with an aimless sister who has three out of wedlock kids the Qwans So much for independence She s got a nice body including a nice butt and she s complaining When many women shoot themselves into body shapers and corsets and push up jeans just to look like Beyonce Okay, most women somewhere in their lives have body image issues, so I can let that pass Still, her whole self pitying attitude was right up there with a lot of the chick lit characters I ve never liked Don t get me wrong because I do like characters with flaws, but it didn t take her too long to get on my last nerve For a woman trying not to be the typical librarian , she certainly made no real attempt at changing the notion single, depressed and lonely this is a modern educated black woman Eek Diane scored a few brownie points near the end of the book when she finally lets her mother have it after the woman finds out she s been seeing a white man And speaking of that what s up with that typical white guys smell funny stereotype Mr Murray likes to use a lot Trust me, I ve dated enough white guys in my life including European men and they don t smell any different than anyone else Jack Browning is somewhat sympathetic dealing with personal tragedy after the loss of his wife and son but again, this is a plot device Murray has used ad nauseum divorce loss , and it s old I liked many of his inner monologues, especially his brainstorming process I loved his drunken discusion of his work in progress with his son s teddy bear, Mr Bear That was adorable and had the book started off that way, rather than having to slog through nearly two hundred pages of one self pitying black woman and her rather narrow minded views, it might have been a far enjoyable read However, like in many of Murray s books, Jack comes off as the bumbling but sincere white guy looking for love and who just happens to find it in a black woman Rachel Anderson, Diane s version of mommy dearest the woman whom even the devil would tip his horns to Predictably she comes around to liking Jack like at the last twenty thirty pages of the book until then she s voicing her opinions about the kind of man he grown daughter should be dating His past books have all had these psycho moms from hell and makes me wonder if he s having real life issues with his in laws And what, pray tell, is this nonsense about Diane not feeling comfortable about getting married in her old church Are many church folks so stuck on the race thing that they d forget to be happy that two people are coming together to build a loving and stable family Stuff like this would almost make an atheist out of me I gave this book a chance even though the author has greatly disappointed me in the past because a previous novel, original Love, was actually okay Even though there s a dearth of good I R romances featuring black women and white men, I d rather wait than read something that just makes me go hmm To make a long review shorter I would love to say I will not continue to read this book I got through 8 chapters before I wanted to throw this book out of a window how I got that farI don t even know.
First off enough with the stereotypes All black women don t call each other sisters sistah or any other variation Black women generally cherish big asses and this ridiculous character who is so much of a sister it hurts has a problem with it I just don t understand It s okay to be insecure but it was so frustrating to watch her pick part the models and other people for their appearance when people might envy you for your great butt That brings us to another point Why does she think its okay to hate characters who are different from her That s as ridiculous as she makes the other books out to be The author also writes as his in book pen name about a lesbian women and calls her a dyke I have met very few lesbians who refer to them selves as dykes because it is derogatory Diane also keeps saying that s not what a lady would do, and why would a proper lady hang out with a homosexual Dianeyou are at home on Christmas alone It is frustrating to see this author sound like a sexist He makes the women character sound like a 60 year old Religion fanatic making me want to scream Your homophobia and lack of personality put you there The religious aspect also controlled way too much of the thought processes in this book making it hard to read Her motherlets not go there I absolutely hate this book I though I was in for an open minded treat I was just so upset by the outcome And honestly what did I expect from a romcom with a pink cover called I m your girl I can honestly and somewhat sadly say that this book was without a doubt in my mind bad and with that said I hope that I don t offend anyone buy saying that I, personally, didn t like this book.
Basically the plot is about a 25 year old single African american female who seems to be unlucky in love and is also librarian who reads advanced copies of books and reviews them Her name is Diane And the love interest, Jack, is a writer and widower of 30 years who finds comfort in having strange conversations with himself and drinking, wallowing in his sorrows for his lost wife and son And although he lost is very serious and very sad, I can t seem to completely connect with Jack as a character because of his pages of deranged conversations with himself And Diane, like all of the J.
J Murray s characters is obsessed with their back sides Mr Murray, not all black females are obsessed with with their asses However, the story progresses with Jack trying to pick up with pieces and goes to the library to return some overdue books his late son had and this is when he meets Diane Although I think their meeting was nicely done it doesn t save face for how ridiculously fast they were moving the next thing I know he wants to write a book about his and have sex with her and she him I, on the other hand, am all for character development Their relationship felt rushed And then there were parts in the book were it completely took long breaks from the story and you read this God awful bits of stories that were written by fictional Urban authors and Jack who is under an assuming name unbeknownst to Diane.
So in the end I was extremely disappointed even with the ending Where there some parts that I did like Sure Could I name them No I was too distracted with the sameness of Murray s writing All the white guys are really geeky or Italian, and all the his supposedly strong black female characters are ass obsessed and extremely horny And people just aren t like that Don t make the characters so much like you that it seems that your writing about different fantasies you have about your life, tell a good story have a beginning, a middle, and a clean end Good story telling shouldn t feel like a repeat But I digress, if you want a good Murray book to read, in my opinion, read original Love if anything.
This book seriously was really really bad I made it to page 61 by forcing myself and then I just couldn t do it any It was just so unrealistic and the writing was just TERRIBLE I read his other book original Love which also sucked and then I saw that he was the author of one of my favorite movies Something New Sooooo, I decided to give him another try.
I couldn t do it I just couldn t.
Plus all those other stories intertwined with the main is just BLAH I wanted to read about the main characters, not read the stories that the main characters are reading I wouldn t recommend JJ Murray After two books, I still couldn t digest his reading It s bland, it s boring, and I don t know how this dude was able to make so many books I guess there is people in this world who like him and his writing.
For Public Library Clerk Diane Anderson, Reading Romance Novels And Living Vicariously Is Far Easier Than Attracting A Flesh And Blood Man Of Her Own She D Love To Add Some Real Spice To Her Life, But It Seems She S Too Voluptuous In The Wrong Places To Attract The Kind Of Black Man Her Mama Requires As A Son In Law ill keep this short or maybe not its confusing and i didnt finish it the confusion comes from the fact that you are forced to read a book within a book because the main female character reviews books and you would really just like for her to say her review and move on not read the damn story to you i however did like the male lead from what i got of him until i stopped because he was giving us a story while his co star was giving us books i kid you not you will skip lots of her sections or just skim to see where she is back with her own narrative.
i held out for a couple of chapters to see if itll change but no it doesnt maybe after the 8 or 10th but thats a lots of space to be read a story overall the male characters by this author are very strong but not the females the females are a little weak where not much background is given to feel connected with her as much as the male characters and honestly im not surprised the author is white you can tell with his books but it makes you wonder how many black female friends he has and when i say you can tell its just that you can feel it because of how strong his male characters are like hes very use to the makeup of these characters not so much black females not that all his black female characters are bad just under written i will say that he doesnt give lots of black female stereotypes that you see often just that he doesnt fully grasp what being black is and build from it while doing away with stereotypes i know its confusing what ive said but once you read 3 of his books youll understand.
Heart warming read The book starts off with Jack who is the main character, has lost his wife and son six months ago When Jack starts talking to himself it was a bit weird, his character developed quite well we go from him feeling crushed by the loss of his family to him learning to live again,and to love again as well Diana is the librarian, I love the twist on the librarian, she s is young and funky, with a nice personality, as a young woman I found myself connecting with her on many levels Race is mentioned in this book from Diane s mother who constantly tells her to date black men n don t bring no white boy home, to No l mother being crushed that her son in law has moved on to a black woman This was hands down my favorite book by JJ Murray It took sometime to warm up to Jack s character, but towards the end you really see him as a nice man.
This book was warm and honest about romance It was not exotic or sexual I love that about this book I m finding and interracial books have to be exotic and so sexual it looses the focus of the romance, not this book though, you can see that there are sexual tendencies but they don t over power the romance Final thoughts, it s a great romance and quick read Character developments are good, it s funny, it s honest.
I read a lot of classic literature, so lately I ve been making an effort to read contemporary fiction I should have left this one on the shelf though It s about an interracial romance and I thought maybe, just maybe, it might be interesting Nah For some God forsaken reason, the author forces the reader to sit through long, boring, horribly written passages of books that the main character is reviewing Speaking of which, the voice of the main character a black woman does not ring true at all The author s name is J.
J Murray, which obviously could be a man or a woman, so after I finished the book, I looked up the author just to see if my instincts were correct about the author being a man and I was right It s a white man, in fact, who is married to a black woman and has written a bunch of books about interracial romance with black, female main characters It is hard to write from the perspective of someone from another gender, race or even age than yourself, so I can appreciate that Murray has taken on the challenge, but he has failed miserablyin my opinion anyway He s written several books though, so somebody thinks this stuff is good Other than the main character issue, the other big problem is the pace A snail could lap this novel I wanted to find something good to say about this book, but I just couldn t.